Fiat X1-9 Deep Sump

John Edwards at Costa Mesa R&D Automotive Machine (949) 631-6376) discusses how he modifies Fiat X1-9 oil pans for racing purposes.

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Fiat 128 and X1/9 Main Bearing Cap Girdle
Here's another cool JO/EL Engineering designed part for the Fiat 128 and X1/9, it is a main bearing cap girdle to help strenghten the bottom end for high RPM runs. This part is manufactured and distributed by Costa Mesa R&D Automotive Machine Shop (949) 631-6376 Don't forget to 'Click' and SUBSCRIBE!

GM Starter Modification
What do you do when your starter is too far away from the ring gear? Machine it down about .100". The make shims for starters that are too close to the rings gear, but how when its too far. Simple solution. Don't forget to 'Click' and SUBSCRIBE!

Fiat X1/9 Renovation
Jak se dá i z hromady šrotu, udělat zase auto. Prvopočátek renovace Fiatu X1/9. Další videa přijdou v průběhu.

Connecting Rod Weight Reduction
Here's another weight reduction method used by John @ Costa Mesa R&D Automotive Machine. Check it out!