Fiat X1-9 Deep Sump

John Edwards at Costa Mesa R&D Automotive Machine (949) 631-6376) discusses how he modifies Fiat X1-9 oil pans for racing purposes.

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Fiat 128 and X1/9 Main Bearing Cap Girdle
Here's another cool JO/EL Engineering designed part for the Fiat 128 and X1/9, it is a main bearing cap girdle to help strenghten the bottom end for high RPM runs. This part is manufactured and distributed by Costa Mesa R&D Automotive Machine Shop (949) 631-6376 Don't forget to 'Click' and SUBSCRIBE!

Pinto Beans
The Costa Mesa R&D Automotive Machine machinist John Edwards is out by the BBQ once again, this time cooking up some of his pinto beans, not your standard issue pintos, but something spectacular! Nice hat dude! 949-631-6376

Fiat 850 & X1 9 Trans Coupling Mod
Here's another cool modification that John Edwards @ Costa Mesa R&D Automotive Machine does to keep his race car constantly shifting. (949) 631-6376 Be sure to 'Click' ans SUBSCRIBE.

Fiat X1-9 Engine Bay Cover Mod.wmv
Here's a neat way to increase the cooling on your Fiat X1/9, watch John Edwards as he explains how he modifies the engine compartment lid vents to allow additional air flow in and around the engine. (949) 631-6376