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v8supercar vs rotary.
Ex v8supercar vs rotary. Track not v8 friendly but good race all the same!

Rotary Porting: How does it work and look?
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Tuning a Rotary Engine - Technically Speaking
Are you a piston guy or a rotor guy? If you identify with the latter then this might well be the most important video you'll ever watch. Please note that this is not a specific, DIY-type "how to tune" walk-through video, rather an overview of general principles that can be used as a guide to the fueling and ignition requirements of a rotary engine. Liked this video? Here are more like it: Rotary Support on Elite Series ECUs: ----------------------------------------­---------------- Like this video? Subscribe to our Channel. ----------------------------------------­---------------- For more Haltech goodness check out our: Website: Facebook:

Datsun sunny rotary swap 12a エアバッグサスペンション
Datsun sunny with a rotary engine 12a And a home made air ride