Ford XM Falcon - TV commercial (1964)

One of the ads for the XM, the model Ford were hoping would arrest the slump in Falcon sales caused by the reliability issues which surrounded the XK.

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Aussie TV commercial slogans (July 2017 edit)
If you're of a certain vintage, you'll remember most (if not all) of these...

"The Pressure Pak Show" - Jack Davey (ATN-7, 1957)
I don't usually upload complete programs, but this one's of interest (and public domain). It's an episode of Jack Davey's "Pressure-Pak Show", broadcast on Sydney's ATN-7, notable as the last episode featuring former Quiz Kid and later noted Professor, Yvonne Cossart. Davey has gone down as a failure on TV, but taking this episode as a sample, history may have judged him somewhat harshly. I have a complete "Dulux Show" which I may also upload at some point.

"Leave It To The Girls" - Terry Dear (ATN-7, 1957).
Another 1957 ATN-7 program, "Leave It To The Girls" was another transplanted radio series, best described as an early version of "Beauty & The Beast". (Apologies for the minor sync problem!).

Graham Kennedy - overseas trip, 1961
Silent footage of Graham Kennedy's European trip in 1961, which was bankrolled by Glo-Weave in return for some unobtrusive, low-key product placement...