1969 Hemi Roadrunner leaving Kanata Cruise Aug. 7

JUST right sound, it's the headers ... perfect. http://www.storm.ca/~moparman

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'65 Mustang convertible - Riverside Restorations
Tweaking the carb on a customer's car. This one's a bit of a special case, another resto place did what the Stang owner thought was an unsatisfactory paint job so he parked it out of spite and unhappiness then brought it to Riverside for detailing and prep for yet another paint place on Malakoff Road. A nice little six cylinder AZ car. (Noel behind the wheel, guests Neil and Roly under the hood) http://www.storm.ca/~moparman

Brockville Car Show
Thank you TISMA, thank you Brockville and the same to all the spectators and participants - and Mother Nature too, a perfect day. See all my other Brockville show videos here on YouTube and 150 photos on Flickr, link below. http://www.storm.ca/~moparman

Peter's Imperial at Brockville car show
Cool B3 blue on the waterfront at Brockville's celebrated Block Island TISMA hosted car show. http://www.storm.ca/~moparman

1969 Plymouth Hemi Roadrunner
Total miles - 31,300! This is a very rare and highly collectible investment car. Everything is original. The car is nearly flawless and as close as you can get to going back in time and buying one off the showroom floor. The ride is spectacular with power to spare. The car will spin tires first through third, if you dare. specifications: 426 Hemi Automatic 1 owner for 18 years. Purchased as investment 20 years ago. 31287 Current Original Miles Motor was built by Richard Conelly race engines. Builder for Nascar. $20k for just complete motor rebuild. 7500 RPMS reliable red line. Engine, transmission, rear end, are all original to the car. Complete nut and bolt restoration 16 years ago. Guages are not yellowed. Chrome is nearly perfect. All original parts and tags throughout.