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1968 Plymouth Sport Fury
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1966 Sport Fury Convertible pt1
For sale video 5 25 2014

1966 Plymouth Fury II 2 dr sedan 440 6 pack
1966 Plymouth Fury II 2 dr sedan 440 6 pack. with 25k original miles.

For 1966 the full size Plymouths came in these levels: Fury I, Fury II, Fury III, Sport Fury, and at the top, the Plymouth VIP. VIP's came in hardtop, 4-door and 2-door sedans. Features always in VIP's are tufted uphostery with fold down armrest, full power equipment, and reading lamps. A VIP like this would cost $3,089. Available engines shoehorned within the engine compartment are all V8's. 318 cid / 230 hp., 383 cid / 325 hp., and the whopper 440 cid / 365 hp. The VIP Plymouth was created to fulfill a niche that didn't exist before and was geared to compete against the Chevy Caprice and the Ford Galaxie 500. The VIP lasted from 1966 - 1969. In 1970 the VIP model was dropped and replaced by the Fury Gran Coupe which was only produced this one year. Average production of all models of VIP's for the 4 years is 9,000. With production figures like that and the fact that Plymouth still produced the Fury I thru III, it's no wonder that it never really was a sales threat to Chevy and Ford. But, what a nice Plymouth luxury car it is. Thanks so much for viewing this 1966 Plymouth VIP.