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Killer Krawler from RC4WD

The all New Killer Krawler 1/5 truck kit from RC4WD.


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70duncan's RC4WD Super Bully rock crawler done up Colorado Style
First full run of my new super. Took a while to get it tuned in, but it is working great now. RC4WD Super Bully axles - Wrecker Fab custom Chassis - "Duncan" steering kit - Outcast Crawlers

RC Electric Cars Race - بطولة بوناصر لسيارات الإلكتريك - Part 2
RC Electric Cars Race - بطولة بوناصر لسيارات الإلكتريك - Part 2

Real Honest Reviews - The RC4WD Trail Finder 2
Real Honest Review of the RC4wd Trail Finder 2. I have put this truck through some serious paces and have been pleasantly surprised by it. I really like the scale realism of this rig and I like the 2spd trans. Not as capable as an SCX10, but I like the extra challenge and it's a lot of fun. Thanks for watching! Catch me on Facebook @ http://facebook.com/RCAddict.us Starring: Ryan Cornmesser Music provided by : danosongs.com incompetech.com Many thanks to: CowRC.com awesomeactionrc.com Speedwiegand.com BigDsRC.com and my RC friends at keystone-rc.com Edited and produced by Ryan Cornmesser Hosting and promotion New Ideas Co. newideascorp.com Catch every episode at Lifeofanrcaddict.com Please Subscribe and Share. More at rcaddict.us

Dune climb
climb those dunes!

Rcmodelex , Rc4wd RC Jeep JK Wrangler
This is the final Video to test out the truck before i take it out, it was built over rcmodelex chassis and roll cage, and the rest is from Rc4wd, Vanquish Products, Tower hobbies, and 9turbo for the Engine Sound. Also if you watch till the end you'll see that I added a servo for the steering wheel. Edited: New Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VgqNpxBWJs4


My TOYOTA TUNDRA HIGH LIFT scale crawler http://www.scale4x4rc.org/forums/showthread.php?t=28849


2x RC4wd TF2 - 2wd - Dual Case
[PuhJay69] If you Had a couple TF2's What Would you do? Swap Parts...? I got some free time to Test out Drivetrain/suspension changes to two of my rigs. I took the Transfer Case out of HIYOTA and ran a single driveshaft to the rear axle, also put in a redline 13.5t sensored brushless motor on 2s. Other major changes are flipping the Axles and mounting the leafs to bottom, removing shafts and gears from front axle so it's unlocked. 80mm shocks front and rear. and I gave the front end a facelift. Now on my other Truck I flipped the transfer case skid plate, and ran the transmission output to an input on 1 transfer case, another shaft on the output of that and going into the input on another case, which drives the wheels. gives great low gearing, but I need to clock the axles slightly with shims.100mm shocks front and rear, scx front shock hoops, tf2 rear shock hoop. winch hidden.... Did a lot more driving than filming this time, bugs were driving me crazy... Trucks Drive so differently, and so much fun to drive!!! Another video with music allowed by YouTube... "₩ħÌƥƥİȠǥ ȚǶ ₩İƆʞɇ�?" by §įǷǷƔ�?ʗʯǷ (Title: "Whipping The Wicked' Artist: Sippy Cup) http://ccmixter.org/files/sippy_cup/12035 is licensed under a Creative Commons license: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/

RC ADVENTURES - LEARNING TO DRIFT Part 8 - Still Experimenting with HPI Cars!
Click Here To Subscribe! ► http://bit.ly/JOovvU We are just a couple of goofs out having fun with expensive cars.. more of a smash up derby than anything.. but definitely getting better with our drifters.. We havent drifted in Weeks! Meh.. shows that practice is where its at.. with lots of finess! Throttle control is a MUST! . RC ADVENTURES™/RCSparks Studio™ © 2013 Medic Media Productions Inc.. All rights reserved. Publication, reproduction or distribution of this film by any means whatsoever - including without limitation electronic transmission via internet or e-mail, or re-uploading existing videos & re-uploading such material on any website anywhere in the world — is strictly prohibited without prior the written consent of Medic Media Productions Inc. Please note that the RCSparks Studio does not sell RC Products. The RCSparks Studio an independent promotor of a great hobby! I am not directly affiliated with any of the vendors or manufacturers in this video. the RCSparks Studio is not liable for any damage or loss through the use of products or techniques shown - Use at your own risk! This film and the RC ADVENTURES film series on YouTube is intended for entertainment purposes only.

Review of RC4WD Bully Crawler with 4 wheel steering
Click here for more info: http://crabfuartworks.blogspot.com/2010/05/rc4wd-bully-review.html

RC Drift Opala SS Caravan SS In Japan Part 2
Aqui mais um Video da Rapaziada Brasileira no Japan com nossos RCs , desta vez com mais um Opala e Fusca Fafa , agradeço a todos que colaboraram direto ou indiretamento com o Video tamo junto hehe .... conheça mais sobre nosso Hobby no site www ponto zerogravitydriftrc.com.br facebook www ponto facebook.com/SlowFreaksTeam RC Drift Opala ss Caravan SS Part 1 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kWJkzo7inNc&list=UURm7u0CnSLfCIsDN97M1G6w&in dex=2&feature=plcp

Green Rock Dawg an Extreme Machine KrawlZone
We saw the Green Dawg at King of the Hammers and we were blown away, We had to film it. This machine is insane. This is just a segment of our 2011 Griffin King of the Hammers episode. KrawlZone.tv is an all new outdoor and off road adventure program aimed at taking the adrenaline of extreme rock crawling and pumping it directly into the vein of the off-road community. Be sure to check us out on the web at http://www.krawlzone.tv and on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/krawlzone.tv and join our community of off road enthusiasts. See you on the trail.

Extreme Rock Crawler Jeep for sale Atlas, King Coil Over shocks, One ton axles, PSC Steering
www.sellharleys.com American motorcycle trading co, since 1996, call us 817-695-1151 we are an authorized Stallion Trike dealer, we buy and sell Harleys, choppers, cruisers, and all types of motorcycles

Rc4wd Trailfinder 2 High range Low Range
Grundys Yellow Tf2 with pro line titus wheels and custom beadlocks and 1.9 Dick Cepek Mud Countrys. My blue Tf2 with Rc4wd true scale wheels and 1.9 Rock Crushers- I feel these are some of the worst tires, along with stock tamiya tires on cc01.

Which car is faster? Which Car is Faster?

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2005 Mazda 6 Drag Car: 7.930 @ 187.000
Ed Bergenholtz, Engine: 2.3L Mazda i4 by Golden Eagle Mfg., Supercharger: None Turbos: Garret GT45 Tires: M & H

1978 Chevrolet Monza Nostagia injected funny-car: 7.980 @ 169.000
Buzzz Miller, Engine: Big Block Chevy, Supercharger: no Turbos: no Tires: goodyear

1974 Dodge Colt GT: 8.480 @ 164.170
Chuck O, Engine: 502 wedge, Supercharger: no Turbos: no Tires: phoenix

1977 Chevrolet Monza spyder: 8.590 @ 144.230
brian church, Engine: 468cu,

1980 Chevrolet Monza ss: 8.870 @ 151.050
mark s. laub, Engine: 540, Supercharger: no Turbos: no Tires: m/t

1980 Chevrolet Monza GT: 8.922 @ 170.719
JOE THE PLUMBER ESPOSITO, Engine: 565, Supercharger: NO Turbos: NO Tires: HOOSIER

1980 Chevrolet Monza : 8.980 @ 150.000
michael sharp, Engine: 511, Supercharger: none Turbos: none Tires: hossier

1978 Chevrolet Monza notch back: 9.000 @ 138.000
lee miracle, Engine: 406, Supercharger: none Turbos: none Tires: 29.5-10-5-15 MICKEYS

1975 Chevrolet Monza : 9.635 @ 138.200
Jeff Einsteder, Engine: 406 cu in Chevy, Tires: Goodyear 14 x 32

1976 Chevrolet Monza : 9.840 @ 134.000
Rick Stief, Engine: 406,

1975 Chevrolet Monza Town Coupe: 10.224 @ 130.810
Mark Francis, Engine: 355, Supercharger: None Turbos: None Tires: Goodyear

1975 Chevrolet Monza Town Coupe: 10.224 @ 130.810
Mark Francis, Engine: 355 Chevy, Supercharger: N/A Turbos: N/A Tires: 15

1975 Chevrolet Monza fast back: 10.229 @ 132.950
Rod Clark, Engine: 406, Supercharger: nil Turbos: nil Tires: Autodrag

1980 Chevrolet Monza hatch back: 10.300 @ 128.000
Tom Shideler, Engine: 388 500hp + ?, Supercharger: later Turbos: no use Tires: mickeys

1991 Dodge Colt : 10.550 @ 140.000
Brad Brooks, Engine: 4G63, Turbos: 67mm Tires: MH 25x8.7x15

1977 Chevrolet Monza spider: 10.690 @ 124.260
Randy Moore, Engine: 355, Supercharger: no Turbos: no Tires: M T

1977 Chevrolet Monza spyder: 10.850 @ 120.600
Randy Moore, Engine: 355, Supercharger: na Turbos: na Tires: goodyears 33/14.5x15 rear M/T 22.5x15 front

1989 Dodge Colt 200 GT: 10.892 @ 141.200
steph, Engine: 2.0 dohc, Turbos: twin 14g

1975 Chevrolet Monza Town Coupe: 10.900 @ 121.000
Mike Clark, Engine: 355, Supercharger: none Turbos: none Tires: 255/60 Radial!!!!

1974 Dodge Colt GT Turbo & Nitrous: 10.980 @ 122.340
cody bishop, Engine: 340, Turbos: yes Tires: cobra


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