Lemons X1/9 Bike Carb Test Run (Italian Stallions)

Lemons X1/9, powered by bike (carbs), canolli, and peanut m&m's. Carbs are Keihin CVKs, 36mm. To see/hear the carbs working properly, check out the Fly By video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IoUr2FFX3M

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Weber 45 DCOE vs R1 40mm bike carbs
Flow testing Weber 45 DCOE with 36mm hhoke and 4.5 aux venturi vs R1 40mm Keihin bike carbs both at WOT R1 carbs flow a little more air but when 37mm chokes or larger are fitted to the 45's they flow more than R1 40mm bike carbs, back to back testing

Italian Cycling Tour - Bike Tour of Italy 2015
Italian cycling is amongst the best in the world and The Mad Keen Cyclist's bike tour of Italy in 2015 will be fabulous and an epic cycling adventure....one you'll never forget! Click the link for more information: http://themadkeencyclist.com/epic-italy-2015-yt-ict Do you want a remarkable adventure next year by going on a cycling tour of Italy? Imagine the beauty of cycling in Italy. The cycle tour of Italy will commence in September 2015 and be personally guide by Jonathan Paape a New Zealand cyclist who is more commonly referred to as The Mad Keen Cyclist. You have the choice to ride or relax, walk, sightsee, tramp, or relax at the spa's - the choice is yours. If you want to hammer it on the bike every day, our Italian cycling guides will be up to the task. If you want to take photos and generally immerse yourself in the culture as you cycle Italy that's your choice. Just imagine the last days of cycling Italy, as we stay on a vineyard ready for Tuscany cycling while recovering from the excitement and wonderment of having cycled Lake Como, as well as cycling the Alps and cycling in Switzerland. You'll remember The Mad Keen Cyclist cycle tour of Italy for the rest of your life? Then join The Mad Keen Cyclist crew for another wonderful journey as we go cylcing in Italy.

FIAT X1/9 1976 vs 1980
1.3 X1/9 chasing 1.5 X1/9

Bike carb'd Nova runing R1 carbs
1400 Nova