Lemons X1/9 Bike Carb Test Run (Italian Stallions)

Lemons X1/9, powered by bike (carbs), canolli, and peanut m&m's. Carbs are Keihin CVKs, 36mm. To see/hear the carbs working properly, check out the Fly By video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4IoUr2FFX3M

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x1.9 bertone Saky's beast
x1.9 bertone prerade i dorade od kada je kupljen do danas. 1.4 turbo ie motor.

Franken Fiat II
As part of the PPC £999 Challenge last year I decided to make the best Fiat FIRE engine possible using parts from various models. Grande Punto block, Cinquecento Sporting head, Punto 75 866 cam' and a distributor for ease of tuning and adjustment. I also wanted to use TDM 850 carb's because I ' wanted something manageable on the road and the four bank carb' conversions I've seen to date are little all or nothing. Named FrankenFiat I the engine failed due to a knackered oil pump and I managed to shut it off before any further damage was done to the component parts. FrankenFiat II came about because I wanted a quicker engine for my Summer Panda Fantasia but when I found out how rare the car is I decided to preserve her instead of modify and possibly ruin the car. My Winter Panda 4x4 blew it's head gasket a couple of weeks ago due to the previous head gasket repair being so poorly bodged. Car body filler was used to hold number eight head bolt in the black after the original was sheered also neither of the head or block surfaces had been cleaned properly so the head gasket was a time bomb waiting to go off. It happened to do so 112 miles into my ownership. That's just one of well over fifty faults I've found so far with the 4x4. As I had Franken Fiat II sat in my shed I decided to fit that engine to the 4x4 to give the old bus a bit more torque for going off road. The VW Golf carb' that was balanced with the car had an issue with the float chamber and would either flood or starve the engine. A better fuel pump regulator would solve this but I wanted to find out once and for all if the TDM 850 carb' idea I had over a year ago would work. I'm very, very; very pleased to say it does. :-D P.S Sorry about the sound quality the Exhaust manifold has a bit of a crack. Just an excuse to make another one I guess. ;-)

Fiat X1/9 walkaround. ZX6R Bike Carbs, Megajolt, Etc
Fiat X1/9 with ZX6R Carbs and Megajolt. Sorry about the sound, seems to be out of sync for some reason...

Rally 2 Valli historic crash
" Dritto di una Fiat X1/9 "