Trirota VeloCruiser VeloTaxi-Pedicab-World in Dresden - Rickshaw

Offizielle Vorstellung des Trirota VeloCruiser in Dresden! Get more info´s on & Advertising on the move!

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Prozza E-trike "Pecolo" and Battery Exchange Station

NC Now | Organic Transit ELFs | UNC-TV
With gas prices soaring, car emissions straining the environment and people spending more time in traffic instead of the great outdoors, a Durham company has developed a solution. It's called the ELF. Stephanie Bourland takes us to Organic Transit where they're producing solar electric assisted bikes. These vehicles combine the ease of a car with the benefits of a bicycle.

De Drymer
De Drymer een futuristische en innovatieve fiets met kantelende voorwielen. Het kantel systeem en de elektromotor geven je een comfortabele, unieke en ongekende rijervaring.

GO-Cab super bike
De GO-Cab is een superfiets met electrische ondersteuning waarin 8 kinderen veilig vervoerd kunnen worden door kinderopvang en buitenschoolse opvang organisaties (BSO). The GO-Cab is a super cargo bike with electric support in which eight children can be safely transported