2003 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor Walk-Around, Start Up And Misc

An Ex-Multnomah County Sheriff Unit. So its green and nice too.

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My Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor!
Hope you enjoyed the video! Like and Subscribe! Sorry for the quality and sound/wind it was recorded on my phone! Also I let YouTube "Fix" my shaky video, so I hope that helps!

Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor Test Drive
Test Driving my 1999 Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor.

Virtual Test Drive, Interior and more... 2003 FORD CROWN VICTORIA P71 NightStalker Stealth
NightStalker 7 of 8 of the initial pilot run. Time, effort and pride went into this build, we hope everyone enjoys it and that it makes 1 person a happy owner. Visit our website for more info. WWW.CMAUTOWERKZ.COM

2003 Crown Victoria 0-120
Half throttle chrip, followed by 0-120, followed by a 2nd gear 50-80 pull. 2nd Cat delete, glasspacks tune and jmod