Burkland 415 MPH Land Speed Record Sept 2008

Tom Burkland driving the Burkland Family Streamliner #411 from Great Falls Montana reset the Class 11 Piston Engine streamliner World FIA record from 409 to 415 MPH average

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Speedweek 2008 the Burkland Streamliner
A closeup of the Burkland Streamliner. This car has run over 450 MPH one way. It is powered by two aluminum Donovan 417 Aluminum Hemi Chrysler Racing Engines on Methanol and Nitromethane.

Burkland FIA Record push off
Successfull 1 hour turnaround and run back toward floating mountain.

Burklands @ 450MPH+
Team Burkland running 450MPH @ Bonneville salt flats

Land Speed Record Turbinator's Fastest Run 470 mph
August 2001, during the Speed Week trials on the Bonneville Salt Flats, Don Vesco set the fastest one way time for a wheel driven car ever at an amazing 470 mph. Don's "Turbinator" was powered by a stock 3750 hp T55 turboshaft engine. Don was forced to shut down at 470 due to the short, 5 mile course, even though he was not throttled up all the way. He returned in Oct. to officially establish the F.I.A. absolute wheel driven record at 458.440.