1974 Pontiac Catalina 455 Safari Station Wagon Estate 1 Owner Big Block Pull Car

Pontiac Catalina 455 Station Wagon or Break or Estate http://www.1ownercarguy.com OK It really gets no nicer than this These Pontiac wagons are some of the Hottest coolest vehicles EVER made Forget a SUV a MAN wans a Catilina 455..;-) Make sure and check out this video I am sure you will LOVE this wagon it is a GREAT driver and Runs Drives and Shifts Great it is a 1 or a 2 owner car i need to check before the auction. Whether You like a Ford, Chevy, Dodge or a Rambler Station Wagon You will LOVE this wagon. It is like a time a Capsule and is readt to drive. I have been getting a little partial to Estate Station Wagons lately and wanting them more than Coupes and it shows in My inventory in what i invest in.... And that is what these cars are is GREAT Investments that can only go UP in value. Make sure and Subscribe to my Channel I get LOT's of Classic EURO and Muscle cars from the 60's 70's and 80's and i sell them cheap Make sure and look at My otther videos I have over 650 of them on here Nathan Wratislaw AKA 1 Owner Car Guy 406 544 6919 This is from one of My SUbscribers who knows ALOT about these cars All wagons from 71-76 rode on the C-body chassis (127 inch) wheelbase... (Chevrolet Belair-Townsman, Impala-Kingswood, Caprice-Kingwood Estate), the Pontiac Safari (Catalina, Bonneville, and Grand Ville wagons were all Safari's) - (Grand Ville was called Grand Safari), Olds Custom Cruiser (with 88 and 98 interiors), and Buick Estate (LeSabre and Electra series interiors). In 1977 the wagons moved to the B-body chassis and rode on the 116" wheelbase until 1996 when they were discontinued I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)

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1970 Catalina 9 Passenger Wagon
1970 Pontiac Catalina - 9 Passenger Wagon If you were cruising in a station wagon back in the day odds are it was with your family. Perfect for road trips these cars were known as a family vehicle that you would typically see packed to the roof with luggage and screaming kids. Well this beautiful 1970 Pontiac Catalina may have started life that way but nowadays has a certain cool factor that sets it apart from those other boring wagons. With a nose similar to that of a grand prix or early firebird this car has style. You rarely see these cars up for sale and this one happens to be one of the nicest in the country. From front to rear this long classic is nothing but high quality. The fit and finish is superb making it a contender at every car show it goes to. The body on the car is in incredible condition and with deep Black paint looks very slick cruising down the road. All of the chrome has a beautiful shine as does the stainless work which is all cleanly mounted in place. The soft ray tinted glass windows are all in good condition and free from damage. The factory roof rack is still mounted in place on top of the factory vinyl roof and has a very cool angled design. 17" Torque Thrust wheels are in place on all four corners and are polished out to a very high quality shine. These are then wrapped with Red Line continental tires. Powering this classic is a 400CI motor that runs very strong and has no problem moving the 9 passenger wagon body. The look is all original which is nice to see in a low mileage car like this. Dual Exhaust is in place and routed out of the sides just behind the rear wheels. Rectangle tips were added which hug the body giving it a nice custom touch. Backing the motor is a 400 turbo Hydramatic Transmission that shifts smoothly and with no issues. The car was fitted with A/C from the factory as well as power steering and power disc brakes. The interior of the car is in amazing condition for its age and still has the original look. Black vinyl is used throughout and is in great shape. 3 bench seats are in place with the back one being mounted to face the rear. This gives places for 9 people to sit comfortably, thus the name 9 passenger wagon. When not hauling people around the 2 rear seats can be folded down giving a ton of storage space. To gain access to the rear seat you can open the rear hatch which was designed to open in 2 ways. This is incredibly cool to see on an over 40 year old car. The hatch folds down like the typical truck bed but also swings open towards the left like a regular door. All of the trim in the car is in good shape as are all of the faux original wood panels. The dash utilizes all of the original style components. The A/C works properly and uses the stock vents which are nicely inset into the dash. Another cool feature is the remote drivers side mirror and power windows which is are pretty cool luxuries to have considering it is from the 70's. This car comes with a lot of cool extras that document its history. A lot of these items are hard to find so it is nice to see them preserved so well. This includes a 7 page original 1970s Station Wagon brochure that was put out by the dealerships, a Pontiac Motor Division redelivery check list, original build sheet, original window sticker with options/price listed and a 1970's original owners manual. How cool is that!? Look around for another one of these cars and you will have a tough time finding one. Plus, if you do happen to find one it won't be near as nice as this one is. Check it out at Classical Gas Enterprises (682) 429-1010 www.classicalgasmotors.com and remember "There's A Future In The Past With Classical Gas"

1973 Chevy Impala Station Wagons The Real McCoy
3 examples of the 1973 Chevrolet Impala Station Wagon. ~ All are 3-seaters. 2 of them are 454 wagons and one a 400. These are getting pretty rare today due to many factors. Visit www.chevywagons.com to learn more. Created on May 29, 2010 using FlipShare.

1976 Pontiac Grand Safari wagon -Walk around and drive
Got a clam shell wagon! Needs work though...

Big Burnouts: 1964 Pontiac Catalina Safari - /BIG MUSCLE
If you haven't figured it out by now, we love wagons on this show. To some they're a misunderstood breed, but to those in the know, they're amazing. Not only were the wagons of yesteryear known for their styling, but their capacity to haul as much cargo as a modern day pickup. This 1964 Pontiac Catalina Safari started off life as a Police Wagon, but was transformed by its owner into the kick-ass, tire-shredding monster you see here. With a Nelson Racing Engines 468 cid big-block under the hood, some updated suspension bits and a killer look, this big green machine is outside-the-box styling at its best. Owner: • Mike Artman