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2012 Hyundai Genesis sedan 3.8 0 - top speed
hyundai genesis sedan in saudia arabia from 0 to top speed it's NOT a GDI engine

Hyundai Genesis 2012 3.8L: Engine Oil Change
Hi, This video will show you how I replaced engine oil on my car. I have also listed the steps for DIYers. Thanks, Check out this Engine oil Analysis report for this car by Blackstone laboratories, click here "" It will show you the condition of this engine and oil. Music by "StoneOcean" (Thank you and please subscribe) Hyundai Genesis 2012 3.8L Parts and Tools needed 10mm Socket for engine guard 17mm Socket for Oil Drain Plug 27mm Socket for Oil filter Torque wrench O Ring Puller pick Oil pan that can hold at least 6 qt Funnel Ramps or a jack and Jack stands Rubber gloves to keep you hands clean Some shop rags Oil filter with new O rings New oil drain plug seal 5-30W engine oil (at least 5.2 quarts), have proper SAE grade number for expected ambient temperature range. Oil Change Procedure 1. Park the car on level ground. Start the engine and let it warm up. 2. Secure the car with Jack stands or ramps. (1) Remove the engine cover (2) Remove the bottom engine guard. 3. Drain engine oil (1) Remove the oil filler cap. (2) After lifting the car, remove the oil drain plug and drain oil into a container. 4. Replace the oil filter. (1) Disconnect the oil filter cap from the oil filter body (2) Remove the oil filter. (3) Check and clean the oil filter installation surface. (4) Install new oil filter and new O-ring. (5)Apply clean engine oil to the new O-rings. Lightly screw the oil filter cap into place, and tighten it until the O-ring contacts the seat. (6) Finally tighten the oil filter to 34.3. N.m 5. Fill new engine oil. (1) Install the oil drain plug with a new gasket. Torque it to 34.3 – 44.1 N.m (approx.) (2) Fill with new engine oil, after removing the engine oil level gauge. (3) Install the oil filler cap and oil level gauge. 6. Start the engine and check to be sure no oil is leaking from the drain plug or oil filter. 7. Recheck the engine oil level.

Hyundai Genesis 3.8L 2012 Sedan; How to replace a bad car Battery (location Trunk)
Hi Viewers, This video shows you how I replaced the maintenance free (MF) car battery. It is located in the trunk. Procedure is pretty easy. Dealer wanted 300 to replace it and they were providing a 3 years warranty. However I decided to do it myself and save money. I bought the battery from Autozone for $152.99 and it comes with a 5 years warranty (3 years replacement and 4th and 5th years it pro-rata cost credit). Thank you and enjoy the video, and please support by subscribing :) Music by "StoneOcean" please check out his youtube channel Great music!.

2016 Hyundai Equus vs Genesis V8 - Spec Comparison!
A side by side comparison of the 2016 Hyundai Equus and 2016 Hyundai Genesis V8 using the top researched data, all consolidated in one spot for you! We help to answer which car is better for your needs with our guide. We cover: fuel efficiency, safety rating, 0-60 mph time, top speed, price (MSRP), engine specs, pros/cons, turning diameter, and more. Preparing you to make the best decisions!