Dodge Challenger R/T Out Causing Some Trouble Mopar Plymouth

My 70 dodge challenger out on the pavement. Are you Dodge Material?

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Dodge Challenger -70 start and drive
Starting and driving my Challenger. Last driven two or three weeks ago.

► Dodge Ram 2500 [Off-Road 4x4]
Dodge Ram 2500 [Off-Road 4x4] - AUTHOR: Roman Gaponov ( - If you want taken out your video, please contact me. - Лайк и подписка на канал очень сильно поможет нам в развитии =) - МЫ ВКОНТАКТЕ: Музыка: KLIM beats - Place for us (

Dodge Challenger Hellcat - 0-300 km/h Acceleration
Watch the 707 hp Hellcat go from 0-300 km/h.The tach is not really accurate, it´s underestimating the speed by around 10-15 km/h at Vmax, so this is more like 310-315 km/h rather than 300 km/h. We discovered that issue while using our VBox telemetry system the day before.

Dodge Challenger R/T Mopar Cold Air Intake (with exhaust test)
Just showing my new Mopar CAI in my 2013 Dodge Challenger R/T. Just commenting on its sound and look with price. Nothing big. On a side note it also has the Flowmaster 40 Series on it which contribute to a lot of its sound. (I do not own the Dodge brand or work for Dodge or any other company who's product I may have used during this video. I am not selling any thing in this video or offering professional technical advice and if any questions should arise please contact the appropriate company for said questions.)