2011 Duramax Towing 13 Round Bales

Total combined weight 30,000lbs?

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ATS Truck Pulls 42,000 pounds out of quarry
A truck from ATS Diesel Performance pulls a load just over 42,000 pounds up a 1/4 mile dirt road with an 8 percent grade out of a quarry in Golden, Colorado

Duramax Exhaust Braking
EFI Live by Duramaxtuner.com tow tune with Exhaust braking.

97 12v cummins pullin 30k
12v bd turbo 370 sticks banks intake dpi Exhaust manifold mbrp 4" dave goerend transmision. Cedar City Diesel Tuners. 23 bales 1k each 8600 lb trailer This load did not go on the road just field to barn.

5.9 Cummins vs 6.6 Duramax...
5.9 Cummins vs 6.6 Duramax...