2011 Duramax Towing 13 Round Bales

Total combined weight 30,000lbs?

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06 Duramax Loaded With Square Bales
I did some physical labor by throwing 200+ hay bales onto the trailer. This here 06 duramax got a little hot moving all that weight in the fields.

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97 12v cummins pullin 30k
12v bd turbo 370 sticks banks intake dpi Exhaust manifold mbrp 4" dave goerend transmision. Cedar City Diesel Tuners. 23 bales 1k each 8600 lb trailer This load did not go on the road just field to barn.

Joshies Towing Service
Been working on my grandparents property, part of the estate, and this trailer just had to go! So I used my 2002 Duramax to pull it out, and I am willing to say even though i massivley overloaded the truck with the 50 foot trailer, i am damn impressed!