BMW 3 series E36 Inspection - dashboard test

How you can test dashboard in BMW 318i E36 (M40)...

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A built-in BMW, self diagnostic code gives the benefit of troubleshooting a failure car component, the method to retrieve the faulty codes after Check Engine light turns on. This method helps car lovers to pin point the problem and replace the defecting component quickly and cost effectively. It works on models that have same instruments and LED's layout. Below here is the code table to interpret the meaning: g.htm

Test Instrument BMW e36
1.Tine apasat butonul de resetare km timp de 10 sec. 2.Lasa butonul de resetare km si pune contactul pana la pozitia de inspectie din computerul de bord. 3.Revino inapoie in pozitia de start a contactului. 4.Apasa din nou pe butonul de resetare km si tine-l apasat 10 sec. dupa care pui contactul in prima pozitie. 5.Lasi butonul de resetare km dupa ce iti apare in loc de km rulati din computerul de bord alt numar 6.Testul se efectueaza !

Z3 and E36 Tips and Tricks
Some fun little tricks you can do with your e36 and Z3. For info on the 6 numbers in the first test

BMW E36 Coupe 320i Instrument Cluster Test
Car - BMW E36 Coupe 320i - 10.1992 model year. This test is rather simple just to ensure that every light and gauge of the instrument cluster is OK and it also gives some factory codes directly from the memory chips of the cluster itself. You have to hold down the trip reset button and turn the key to position 1 and not 2. If you do this correctly it is actually possible to NOT reset the trip counter.