Kurt's first drive in the '04 Mustang Cobra (watch till end)

4 of us piled into the car for a quick test drive. And to act like dirty old men. Specs: Ported Eaton 2.76 pulley Upgraded heat exhanger Bassani Exhaust Fastlane motorsports tune

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2004 Mustang Cobra 600hp 2.3 whipple
2004 Mustang cobra 2.3 whipple Supercharger pushing 18lbs of Boost

Terminator Cobra POV Accelerations
POV of my 2003 SVT Terminator Cobra. Driving around town and doing some accelerations and WOT pulls. Hope you guys enjoyed the video if you did be sure to like and subscribe if you are not already! Thanks guys!

17 Year Old Girl Drives Terminator Cobra
Let my 17 year old sister drive the cobra for the 1st time today. I thought she did extremely well! Very proud! she loved it too.

500hp Terminator Joyride... With Surprise ending!
My cousin's 03 cobra (Clone) with around 470rwhp... Maybe more. I got tired of the comments being the same thing so i disabled them. The car is a termi swapped GT