Honda Unveils All-new ASIMO with Significant Advancements

Honda unveiled an all-new ASIMO humanoid robot newly equipped with the world's first* autonomous behavior control technology. With a further advance in autonomy, the all-new ASIMO can now continue moving without being controlled by an operator. has the complete story.

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Asimo Robot en el Parque Disneyland (Español)
¡Conoce al robot humanoide más avanzado del mundo! ASIMO camina, habla y hasta baila. Ve a ASIMO demostrar sus extraordinarias habilidades en Say 'Hello' to Honda's ASIMO — un espectáculo de 20 minutos que se presenta varias veces al día. Para saber los horarios del espectáculo, por favor revisa el Entertainment Times Guide cuando llegues al Parque. Lo presenta Honda. Check out my Disneyland videos: or subscribe: or download this HD video (for free) to your computer, iPad, or Apple TV at: ASIMO, the world's most advanced humanoid robot, at the Honda ASIMO Theater, inside Disneyland park in California. Guests visiting the popular Innoventions attraction at the park can see ASIMO (Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility) in a live science show. Disneyland California is owned by Walt Disney Company.who also owns the California Adventure and Walt "Disney World" Resort in Orlando, Florida. Disneyland rides include the "Tower of Terror", the "Haunted Mansion", "Splash Mountain", "Peter Pan" "Alice in Wonderland", and Disney Princess and are located in the "Magic Kingdom" theme park. Roller Coasters include "Space Mountain", "California Screamin", and the Matterhorn Bobsleds. Fantasmic is a fireworks. Disney Trivia: "Mickey Mouse" was created in 1928 by Walt Disney. "Gabriel Iglesias" has joked about his adventures at Disneyland. "Hannah Montana" is a television show on the Disney Channel. Michael Jackson starred in "Captain EO," at Disneyland "George Lopez" starred in the Wonderful World of Disney Christmas movie "Naughty or Nice". "Hannah Montana" California Screamin references the roller coaster at Disney's California Adventure in Anaheim, California Other nearby theme parks includes "Universal Studios" and "Six Flags".

I got to meet ASIMO ...
I got to meet ASIMO at the Honda HQ in Slough, for a quick introduction and demonstration. Very cool.

Humanoid robot ASIMO at Ars Electronica Center in Linz 2010 (HD)
ASIMO (アシモ, ashimo) is a humanoid robot created by Honda. Standing at 130 centimeters (4 feet 3 inches) and weighing 54 kilograms (114 pounds), the robot resembles a small astronaut wearing a backpack and can walk or run on two feet at speeds up to 6 km/h (4.3 mph), matching EMIEW. ASIMO was created at Honda's Research & Development Wako Fundamental Technical Research Center in Japan. It is the current model in a line of twelve that began in 1986 with E0. ASIMO resembles a child in size and is the most human-like robot HONDA has made so far. The robot has 7 DOF (Degrees of freedom) in each arm — two joints of 3 DOF, shoulder and wrist, giving "Six degrees of freedom" and 1 DOF at the elbow; 6 DOF in each leg — 3 DOF at the crotch, 2 DOF at the ankle and 1 DOF at the knee; and 3 DOF in the neck joint. The hands have 2 DOF — 1 DOF in each thumb and 1 in each finger. This gives a total of 34 DOF in all joints. The name is an acronym for "Advanced Step in Innovative MObility". Online magazine The Future Of Things (TFOT) states that Honda did not name the robot in reference to science fiction writer and inventor of the Three Laws of Robotics, Isaac Asimov. Filmed with Panasonic Lumix TC10

World's Top3 Humanoid Robots - Asimo vs HPR-4 vs NAO!
ASIMO Robot Next-Generation Unveiled! Check the updated Youtube video here: Robots have been one of the most fantasized electronic gadgets from a long long time. Now it's time to unveil the top 3 humanoid robots in the world today. 1: Honda ASIMO Astronaut look alike Robot ASIMO by Honda probably is the most famous Humanoid robot till now.It is the first ever robot to walk,move and even climb stairs like humans.ASIMO is 4 Ft 3 inch tall and weighs 53 kilograms. One could call it the foundation for the future generation of robotics.It took over 15 years of extensive research to get it in this shape. No. 2: Kawada HRP-4 A slim,fast and more advanced robot by the Japanese. No. 3: Aldebaran Nao One of the cutest and most intelligent robots,the Aldebaran Nao can behave on its own and can always be programmed to do more. World's Top3 Humanoid Robots - Asimo vs HPR-4 vs NAO! "World's Top3 Humanoid Robots" "Top 3 Humanoid Robots" "HRP-4 Robot Walking" "HRP-4 Robot" HRP-4 HRP4 "HRP 4" "HRP-4 robots" "HRP-4 humanoid robot" humanoid "humanoid robot" "humanoid robots" robot robots robotics "human like robot" "cool robots" "robot human" "robot woman" "female robot" "human robot" "robot walk" "Honda ASIMO Robot" "Honda ASIMO" asimo "asimo robot" "honda robot" "nao" "nao robot" "nao humanoid robot" "NAO"