1992 Honda Accord Megan Racing Headers 4-2-1

This is the under-the-hood video of the Exhaust system I put on. Just for info, it took my dad and I a total of about 13 hours of labor to get all the work done, but it came out perfect! This is the link to my forum thread if you guys want to take a look at the work. http://www.cb7tuner.com/vbb/showthread.php?t=174949

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DNA Motoring 99 Honda Accord Header Installation
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my 96 civic coupe - ebay header 4-2-1 update , plus
just an update, on my car and the stuff ive done, plus im now getting 36 mpg with a heavy foot :) (before the Exhaust change it was 28 mpg) . oh and ricer suck . go on and comment. and for the people that decide to hit the dislike, stop being lazy a just comment instead.

1992 Honda Accord 2.2L Speed Sensor & EGR Valve
This video shows where the speed sensor and EGR valve are located on a 92 Accord, and how to service these components. A test drive after servicing is included.

Supercharger Calculator - Designing a 4-2-1 header part 1 theory
How to design a 4-2-1 header using the Supercharger Performance Power Calculator. Part 1- Basic 4-2-1 theory Part 2- The calculations For more info please visit: http://www.Superchargerperformance.com/the-power-calculator