electro bmw vs m3

osijek street race show 5. mate rimac 12,173@402 starting point of rimac concept one and later on base of volare electric bmw is on the right

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Electric BMW vs. BMW M6 vs. Porsche 911
A shortened version of a TV show which featured our project with an 30 minutes long episode.

EV BMW E30 by Rimac Automobili vs NISSAN GT-R R33 550bhp @ 402SR VG 2011
BMW E30 by Rimac Automobili - 12,007TT Nissan GT-R R33 ~550bhp

BMW E30 Rimac
Video materijal snimljen prilikom mjerenja brzine električnog BMW E30 Mate Rimca na pisti Zrakoplovno Tehničkog Zavoda, Velika Gorica 2011. godine - Video Footage taken during race-speed measurement of Mate Rimac's Electric BMW E30, on the service runway of Croatian Airforce, Velika Gorica

Bugatti Veyron vs Rimac Concept_One drag race!
We've watched the Rimac Concept_One see off just about every significant hypercar there is in a standing start drag race – but until Lord Pembroke took his Bugatti Veyron to Croatia there was one significant question unanswered. How would the Veyron stack up against the young pretender? Just after dawn on a chilly Croatia morning, we decided to find out. In truth, having already sampled the Concept_One's astonishing launch capability – thanks to a torque vectoring system that dials in maximum traction to each wheel, and electric motors that deliver maximum torque the instant current is applied – we expected the Veyron to be well beaten off the line. But we also knew the Veyron comes on strong with a huge whack of acceleration once the turbos get into their stride, and as speed increased it would haul the Concept_One in. But would the Veyron be close to the Concept_One at the end of a quarter mile - the classic drag race distance – or even ahead by a whisker? You'll have to watch the video to find out... P.S. The Veyron's older-generation traction control didn't like the minus 5 temperatures either. We know it can launch harder!