TrackDaze VIR Aug 2009 Instructor Group Session 3

stock 2006 VW GTI, Nitto NT01, Carbotech XP12 (front) XP8 (rear) shot with dual GoPRO Motorsports cameras

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VIR agricultural excursion 8-27-09
VIR full course w/ Trackdaze 8-27-09. Oops

VIR Trackdaze 8-27-09
Full course VIR with Trackdaze 8-27-09. My fast lap of 2:15:08 on 5 year old Kumho's.

TrackDaze, VIR, Porsche 944 spin at T10
Excellent spin control, In a spin, both feet in! Viewed from Baby Grand at TrackDaze event, 11/17/08; 9:30 am. BabyGrand had tricky traction/braking avoidance issues to avoid spinning into Porsche. Both cars were on same line at turn 10. One spun, the other avoided the same effect, otherwise it would be the classic-two cars spinning into each other, a frequent race condition at turn 3 at Summit Point. Fortunately, driver skills avoided turn 10 Track Gods!

TrackDaze VIR Aug 2009 Viper Fly-by
TrackDaze VIR Aug 2009 end of the back straight, a Dodge Viper passes my stock 2006 GTI like i'm standing still.