TrackDaze VIR Aug 2009 Instructor Group Session 3

stock 2006 VW GTI, Nitto NT01, Carbotech XP12 (front) XP8 (rear) shot with dual GoPRO Motorsports cameras

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Randy Pobst drives my 2006 VW GTI @ VIR (again)
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VIR agricultural excursion 8-27-09
VIR full course w/ Trackdaze 8-27-09. Oops

Randy Post flogs my 2006 GTI @ VIR
PCC-ACNA @ VIR Nov 2006. Heading out for my last session of the day with just a couple laps of fuel left in the tank, I ran into Randy and asked if he'd like to take those couple of laps. Of course he did! The volume gain is a wee bit low. Sorry about that.

Chin Motorsports VIR July 2-3 2008
Compilation of footage from bother Blue and Red run groups (Solo passing everywhere).