Excellent Caterham run filmed from quick 911 C4S

Roadsport Hire cars on the way to Yorkshire Big Breakfast at Specialist Cars Malton kindly filmed from Ian's stunning 993 C4S. Mate Plowy driving and joined by Caterham Fireblade and Noble on Stamford Bridge road - just the best Autumn day. You can drive these cars - www.roadsporthire.com

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My First Caterham Road Trip HD
Had a bit of leave recently and have been getting a bit sick of blasting round my local roads, so thought I'd take a couple of days to take my newly built Caterham 7 on a bit of a road trip. Took in quite a few well known 'big ticks', including the Black Mountain Pass, Elan Valley, Snowdonia, Evo Triangle, Snake Pass etc. Generally good weather throughout and in all an excellent trip- loving the car! This video is a collection of some of the highlights. All filmed using my GoPro HD Hero and Canon EOS 500D for a couple of shots. Its also my first go at capturing a bit of Time Lapse footage, which turned out pretty well I think. All edited on iMovie. This is my first video on YouTube- comments welcome but be gentle please! I know that the start is a bit OTT with the cliche'd music, but I can't be arsed to go back and change it as it takes an age working with HD footage!

The Dartford Tunnel in 2011 Caterham Seven SuperSport
A run through the Dartford Tunnel from Kent to Essex... first attempt at editing with Windows Live. Camera GoPro Hero.

Caterhams in Dartford tunnel
Travelling back from Le Mans, June 14th 2010. The speed limit stopped this being completely awesome but it's still enjoyable.

Car vs bike (Caterham R500 vs Ducati) - part one by Autocar.co.uk
Is the new R500 faster than a superbike? For more Caterham news and reviews visit http://www.autocar.co.uk/caterham/ For part two visit http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Man0X0bf8vk