BMW M3 CSL Sound

First run with my new BMW M3 CSL

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BMW M3 CSL Sound
BMW M3 CSL on track passing camera on high rev

Motor Vision BMW M3 CSL
Review of the BMW M3 CSL in German.

BMW M3 - CSL Airbox Conversion Sound Check
This movie shows my BMW M3 before and after I have installed the original CSL Airbox including Alpha-N Software. You can hear the (outside) sound improvement from before and after the conversion. There is also a small performance increase by doing this modifications. It's defently worth all the money, especially the sound is astonishing. A video with inside car sound comparision will follow as well.

BMW M3 v BMW M3 CSL - Shoot-Outs
How much quicker is a CSL compared to the standard M3 round our track?