GTA:SA-MP - The Mt. Chilliad Escapades

Driving cars off Mt. Chilliad.

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TAS Super Mario 64 N64 in 15:35 by Rikku
Tool-Assisted Played by Rikku in 15:35 and encoded and presented by This is a tool-assisted speedrun which takes advantage of slowdowns and rerecording. Everyone should know this game but have you ever seen someone playing like this? Probably not...

GTA San Andreas SAMP Bike Stunt
1ST SONG: Safrio Duo - Played Alive 2ND SONG: DJ Mangoo - Eurodancer 3RD SONG: San Andreas Theme Song ***DO NOT PM ME ABOUT THE MUSIC, EVER*** Official DJ Mangoo Site =

Mr Boombastic GTA SA
This is me and girfollower just messing around on stunt planet ( Song Mr. Boombastic by Shaggy. EDIT: I think the new IP is

GTA San Andreas Jackass Part 2
**Be sure to check out for cheap game codes!** **Also check out for a cheap XSplit 3 Month Premium Subscription key!** Here is my GTA San Andras Jackass movie Part 2! Enjoy!!! You can get the GTA San Andreas Online Mod at