Spike's 1986 LS1 swap Camaro

A day at the Dyno for calibration. April 30, 2011. First, the car is not mine, it belongs to my brother. About the car : - 1986 Camaro IROC. - I swapped hatch to the 87 version to get the cleaner look I was looking for. - The wheels are Bonspeed Intense 5. They are now powdercoated satin black. - Headlights are eBay cheapos that will soon be swapped for LED projectors. - It put down 400 whp and 390 tq thu a T56 and a fabbed 9" rear end. - Brakes are C6Z front and rear. - It was trailered to the Dyno because it was not tuned and I was not willing to risk damaging my new engine. Some more information about my brother's car can be found here : http://www.cardomain.com/ride/2432471/1986-chevrolet-Camaro/

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Turbo TPI Iroc - one final dyno visit before LS power - 114 octane!!
Decided to go for broke.. threw the ailing PT6466 on with its bad oil seal, put 114 octane in the car, pulled out the Boost limit program and added about 5 degrees of timing to see what would happen. The idea was to beat the previous best of 530 rwhp. Boost ended up being 23 psi with the cutout open. I think I succeeded!

1989 camaro LS1 swap build and start up.
1989 LS1 first start up open headers. after old engine broke crank. 4 weeks later I have a 1999 LS1 4L60e, 224/224 114 cam build. More action videos to come.

Turbo camaro burnout

1988 Chevrolet Camaro Iroc-Z LS1/T56 H/C/I
1988 Iroc-Z LS1/T-56 Swap, I'm gauging interest on possibly selling it. I have it listed here. The tune needs to be gone through so it will idle right off a cold start. 6:43 for those that want to hear the car run instead of my trap lol.