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honda racing fest' 2009


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honda racing fest' 2009 part2

Lombardi Honda Racing - Life at the track 2010 . Canadian Touring car ( CCTCC )
Lombardi Honda Racing - Life at the track 2010 Canadian Touring Car CCTCC www.touringcar.ca www.lombardihonda.com www.lombardiracing.com

Phuket Honda Racing Fest 2010 - Procup
Procup Race10 (Last race of the year). Starting from 31th position come up to 4th in class C. After that engine has a problem. :'( We'll be back in next year!

Honda Racing Fest 2011, Rd 1 Impact Arena, Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok (Jun 12)
Honda Racing Fest 2011, Rd 1 Impact Arena, Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok (Jun 12)

Honda Civic Street Racing
Japanese street racing with civic cars

Honda's Racing @ racewaypark
http://Import2race.com Racewaypark June 27,2009 http://myspace.com/import2race

Honda Racing Fest'11 Club Race R8 Saphanhin Phuket
- Car: Honda Civic EG - Engine: Honda D15B - Driver: Tae Intake - Team: Si-am - Nitto Racing Team - Track: Saphanhin park, Phuket - Event: Honda Racing Fest' 2011 Round 4 - Category: Club Race - Date: 18 September 2011

Honda CRX KBS All motor Track Day vs AMG SLS GTR35 M3 Corvette
The kBS mad REX all motor at the track! e-cutout by Bravo Racing Exhaust Credits : Rodrigo Macanha y Jacobson por videos externos

Honda Racing Fest'11 Club Race R9
- Car: Honda Civic EG - Engine: Honda D15B - Driver: Tae Intake - Team: Si-am - Nitto Racing Team - Track: Bira Circuit, Pattaya, Chonburi - Event: Honda Racing Fest' 2011 Round 5 - Category: Club Race - Date: 22 January 2012

Kaengkrajan Practise
Honda Pro Cup #3 Practise Day So much fun and exciting circuit. Enjoy! :D

Bangsaen Thailand Speed Festival 2009 - Thursday Super Car practice & qualifying
Bangsaen today makes the races I have seen at Bira this summer and autumn look like a cake walk by comparison and the number of crashes on 'out' laps was simply amazing along with the number of do-or-die passing moves executed during practice and qualifying. Great for the spectator though, this is pure racing entertainment. With most of today's sessions being only 15 minutes in duration it was eye-opening as to just how much damage could be done in such a short space of time and every session wrapped up with cars returning to the paddock on the end of towropes or on the back of flatbeds. The safety car was certainly clocking up some mileage today. It would really appear that no one has told the drivers that the first races are actually in two days time and I cannot guess what actually goes on at the official driver briefing. The track was pretty dirty and green and it would seem no one had noticed this fact, while the rapid fall in Thai November temperatures here as the afternoon ground into teatime meant the nature of the track was changing constantly and with each session the characteristics had evolved meaning the driver had to reacclimatise themselves. Bangsaen has a fearsome reputation, treat it with complacency and it will bite you back. As with so many race circuits in the world, respect is a keyword here. The net result once all the sessions had shaken out is that the paddock was a throbbing hive of activity when I stick my head in on the way home around eight o'clock and there will be more than a few tired mechanics tomorrow morning. The other curious aspect here is that mechanical issues don't seem to necessitate a pit visit. During any race a puncture involves nursing the car back to the pits at the risk of damage its a risk one takes in the heat of the race, but that rule generally doesn't apply in a practice session, you park up, limit the damage and resulting cost. No so here. Dragging bodywork or losing a front end seems not to be a reason to lift, while one of the shiny red-and-silver Team Arto Toyotas topped it all coming back to the pits dragging its undertray behind it and spewing composite materials from its athletic belly as it limped round the track. Later on the car was in its garage about to receive a completely new rear three quarter section, these guys do have a work ethic. Meanwhile one of the production cars laid a thick smokescreen, that any one of the Super Commonrail runners would have been proud of, during its final runs, and, as well as I guess lunching an engine, it was a surprise that it wasn't black flagged. I end the afternoon watching the final qualifying runs from a scaffolding tower at the paddock hairpin. It's entertaining stuff, and all to the backdrop of the sun-kissed beach and shimmering sea right behind me where kids paddle and adults swim or sunbath while jetskis and banana boats tear up the ocean. Inside the bend the SS Bangsaen Hotel hotel looks imperious, disdainful, swatting the cars round its form. The crowds today are starting to thicken up, drawn by the promised of guaranteed drama to this unique showpiece. Bangsaen Thailand Speed Festival 2009 looks like it is building up nicely to an exciting weekend.

Honda Civic Type-R Racing Crash
Honda Civic Type-R FAIL

Honda ProCup 2009 #1-2
Honda Racing Fest 2009 ProCup Race2 Round2 2Laps :D

Honda Racing Fest'11 Civic OMR R9 (Full HD with GPS)
- Car: Honda Civic FD - Engine: Honda K20A MUGEN - Driver: Waris Onrayab (KengRacing) - Team: Sangchai Group - Nitto Racing Team - Track: Bira Circuit, Pattaya, Chonburi - Event: Honda Racing Fest' 2011 Round 5 Race 9 - Category: Civic One Make Race (Class B-C) - Date: 212 January 2012

Nitto3k race2 31/05/09 (Drift100R)
nitto3k Onbroad ToeDoe Date: 31/05/09 Drift 100R

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