1957 Devin Ryan Special.wmv

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Fast Race Car Kicks Ass!!!
Fast 1958 Devin SS #77 car from the Group 1 at 2010 Coronado Speed Festival in San Diego wins race!!!

1959 Devin SS 1st test drive by Casey Putsch at Putsch Racing
This is and actual 1959 Devin SS being test driven by Casey Putsch at Putsch Racing

1957 Small Block Chevy Powered Devin Sports Car Dyno Day
Video of a 1957 Devin Sports Car on the Dyno. Driven by my father of 72 years young. Fun was had by driver and spectators.

Devin SS Body #2
This is our second Devin SS body. We came across it on Ebay a couple days ago and were fortunate enough to pick it up.