2g Eclipse idle problems - RPMs

Here is a shot of my 95 eclipse. It won't stay on, i just swapped in a 16g turbo after the T25 blew (Shaft play, blades destroyed). I also put in a o2 housing, and intake pipe.

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99 Eclipse GSX bad TPS Sensor (DSMtuner.com)
So I didnt understand why my car bogged out at 2k rpms until a forum member said disconnect the Throttle Position Sensor and try again. So here is the Video and problem solved much thanks DSMtuner.com

How to fix your stumbling idle issues
This is how to fix your 1.8 BP stumbling idle where the car down revs and wants to die then will go back to normal idle, well there's a throttle body air bypass screw for that that allows you to give it some bypass air at the throttle body.

1997 Eclipse Idle Problem

Weird idle 2G DSM
My car is idling weird so ive posted this video to see if anyone could help a brotha out!! it only does it when its been running for a little while then wants to turn off, once it turns off then turns back on the car runs fine...for a while and the circle repeats...:-(