Mark Maloney Redbull Mazda Rx3 hotlap @ bushy park

hot lap at bushy park last year during qualifing

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Mark Maloney At Dover Raceway Jamaica
Race 3 First Lap In Car Footage. F1 Sounding Mazda RX3 20B

Vesna's 13BT RX3 Dyno Run at Pac performance
Vesna's candy apple, mini-tubbed RX3 certainly has all bases covered in the looks department so it was now time for Rocky to UNTAME the 13B beast under the bonnet and make its bite as serious as its bark!

BARL - Barbados Auto Racing League 2010
A few clips of Mark Maloney piloting his 20b powered Mazda RX3 around Bushy Park in Barbados during the first BARL event of 2010.

Mark Maloney at Dover 2009
Mark Maloney at Dover 2009