SSR against 80 Malibu in car at Tulsa Midnight Drags

in car camera of my race against a 2005 chevrolet SSR at Tulsa Raceway Park during Midnight Drags

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Midnight Drags Episode 3
In this episode, Mel Graham raffles off a ride in his 1969 Camarro for the Blue Star Mothers. This car was featured in Hot Rod Magazine's Pump Gas Drags. After the charity ride, Mel floors it on the track! Mel's Camaro races against a Mustang which...well, just watch. Comment, rate, appreciate! Thanks for watching and don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! Midnight Drags happens every Saturday night at 11:30 pm at Tulsa Raceway Park. For more information, visit

SSR Vs Ligthing
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Tulsa Raceway Park
This video is about Bad Brad's cars