Nissan 350z Lazcano Racing set new record 6.58@214mph

Nissan 350z Lazcano Racing New Record Web: Blog: http:/ Lazcano Racing has done it again by running a stunning 6.58@214mph at Fall Nationals in Englishtown, New Jersey. Keep up the great work.... 350z, fairlady, 350z fairlady, 300z, nissan, skyline, sr20, nissan 350z, drag racing

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Brams Racing, Abbey Motorsport, Performance Motorsport, "Project Zed" presents Brams Racing and Abbey Motorsport "Project Zed" Europe's first 6 second Jap car. A short insight in to some of the huge amounts of effort required to run this car. Footage from Japshow and Thunderball 2011. Sponsor Product Hotspots, exclusive interviews and Tech Highlights to come here on BramsRacingTV's youtube channel.

Cobalt Mech-tech 6.09 @ 231 MPH

Siguel Racing RX7 20B 6.78@201mph New Personal Record
Siguel Racing RX7 20B Web: Blog: Siguel Racing was on top of his game with numerous 6 second pass in the Fall Nationals in New Jersey. He establish a new personal best of 6.78 @ 201 MPH. Siguel racing, fall nationals, rx7, rx8, rotary, rotor, 20b, 13b, 12a, fastest, record

Best Of Wild Rides 2010 DVD 2 Hour Preview video
Best Of Wild Rides 2010 DVD 2 Hour Preview video Highlights from the DVD available at