I-Streetrace.com - OTL/Real Talk Red Civic VS AMR Shank Civic EG!!!

Here is a recent run between OTL/Real Talk and AMR's Green Civic EG. Checkout http://www.nyce1s.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?f=12 for more videos!!!

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Tubaso Red K Civic VS 718 Nitrous H22 Civic
All motor K series VS Nitrous H series..2 Civic Coupes going at it..K series wins.

Real Talk K24 Bubble vs Red K24 Bubble
Real Talk K24 Bubble vs Red K24 Bubble

K&B Racing K20 Hatch Vs OTL K24 Hatch

I-Streetrace - 50Cal All Motor K-Series Civic VS #KBLU Nitrous K-Series Civic!!
Here is a recent race between Chupacabra Racing's "50Cal" K-Series powered all motor civic vs a Nitrous Civic called Kblue from the APL Performance crew. The Nitrous car was given a 3 car length lead to start. Check us out at http://www.facebook.com/istreetrace Check us out in Instagram: @istreetracedotcom #thisaintmexico #imallmotor