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2007 Fecon FTX 140 FM Forestry Mulcher FOR SALE

2007 Fecon FTX 140 FM Forestry Mulcher with Fecon Bull Hog BH085 Mulcher Head (note: winch sold separately)


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2012 PT100G Forestry walk around - 45 GPM highflow! Auto reversing fan! 15" of ground clearance
If you are considering a high horsepower compact track loader you should watch this video. NO OTHER MACHINE COMPARES! Watch it literally run circles around the competition! Contact: Casey Wyatt for a demonstration (704) 363-6432

Fecon Bull Hog Video
A complete description of the Fecon Bull Hog Tree and Brush cutter and it's capabilities followed by a demonstration of tree and brush cutting during Garden State Bobcat's 2012 Demo Day.

FTX148L Forestry Mulcher - Mulching Machine - Fecon - Bull Hog
Attached to a Fecon FTX148 Mulching Machine, the Bull Hog Forestry Mulcher is perfect for clearing trees and brush. Bull Hog attachments excel at clearing right-of-way, lines of site, invasive species and fire breaks as well as many other in Forest applications. You will find unmatched versatility, power, and durability from the FeconFTX 148 Mulching Machine. Jobs normally requiring 2 or 3 pieces of equipment can now be completed with just one due to the machines' high versatility and rate of production. For More Information please call 1.800.528.3113. Fecon Forestry Mulching Machines http://www.fecon.com/products/view/?productid=5

Hendrix Timber Mulchers Fecon FTX600
Lynn Hendrix Equipment mulching a 42" x 13ft log with the all new Fecon FTX600 with a FGT9025

BUCKETMOUTH Forestry Mower - Stump Grinder - Rock Crusher - Mulcher
Forestry Stump Grinder, Digger & Mulcher all in one. Clears 1.5 Hectares Per Hour of large stumps (600mm in diameter & 350 - 450mm in height) up to 500mm in depth - below the surface. Turns stumps, rock, trees, compacted dirt /rock/ earth into mulch at a rapid speed. The only Stump Grinder like it in the world as it mulches the stumps & debris back into the ground (not just on the surface). No more burning off required. Save money & time on broad scale clearing of forests and plantations. No other method of land clearing will beat this machine. We manufacture Forestry Machines & Mulchers to your needs. Contact: 0419 097 055 (Australia) Email: bucketmouth@bigpond.com

2005 FECON FTX90L For Sale
Title: 2005 FECON FTX90L For Sale Detail Listing: http://www.machinerytrader.com/listingsdetail/detail.aspx?OHID=8026147 Description: This machine has got new Yammar Engine in 2008 this Engine has 1387 Hr. New U/C as of 3/20/12 The head just had new cutting tools about 200 hours ago and come with winch Good runing Machine Category: Forestry Equipment

Denis Cimaf DAH 050 - 125D Excavator Forest mulchers
DENIS CIMAF Inc. specializes in developing high-performance industrial brushcutters. In applications such as land clearing, forest fire prevention, roadside maintenace or power, oil or gas line right-of-way preparation or maintenance, DENIS CIMAF brushcutters and brushcutter-chippers are recognized for their productivity and effectiveness. DENIS CIMAF attachments reduce undesirable vegetation into chips faster even with their lower power requirement. So efficient that no extra power pack is needed! The DAH 050 - DAH 125E horizontal-shaft brushcutter-chippers are an ultra-robust industrial land clearing attachment with a hydraulic drive for material up to 250mm (10") Horizontal-shaft rotor with fixed knives and bolt-on cutting blades allow this unit to cut and chip dense material in a single pass up to 50%faster than carbide fixed hammer mulchers. Especially designed for lighter excavators or other boom carriers with similar stability and hydraulic systems. Designed for intensive brushcutting applications (including land clearing, development and maintenance of transmission line and pipeline right-of-ways, and roadside maintenance).

Denis Cimaf Skid Steer Forest Mulcher DAF-180
Denis Cimaf brushcutter-chippers use a rotor technology developed in-house, a technology that has delivered productivity gains of 50% or more for many of our clients. With its fixed knives and razor-sharp blades, DENIS CIMAF units chip through wood far more efficiently than carbide hammer rotors. The fixed knives mean that the specially designed cutting angle remains constant, providing considerably improved productivity.

Fecon FTX140 FM & BH045 mulcher head FOR SALE
2007 Fecon FTX 140FM Forestry Mulcher and BH085 Fecon Bull Hog Mulcher Head FOR SALE. Please note winch is sold separately. Location: Central Mississippi For more information, please visit website: www.hardyequipment.com or call 601-631-4721

Fecon, Inc - Soil Hog
Fecon's® Soil Hog milling attachments are well suited to milling compacted soil, stumps, and roots, or to blend in stabilizing materials or additives to improve the soil. The Soil Hogs can also be used to fell and incorporate standing trees into the ground if desired. The soil hog is ideal for loosening top soil, milling fields of poplar stumps and roots in order to convert land back into tillable acres for alternative crops, reclaiming tillable acres from lost land due to encroaching tree lines or windbreaks, creating ideal planting beds at Christmas tree farms while milling tree stumps, or to incorporate organics back into the soil during rehabilitation of forest land following wildfire. For more information, visit us at http://www.fecon.com.

Hendrix Timber Mulchers Fecon FTX600
Hendrix Timber Mulchers operating the new Fecon FTX600

Severe-duty Fecon FTX
Experience the durability & and performance of a severe-duty multi-terrain loader. You will find unmatched versatility, power, and strength from the FTX-440 and FTX-L. Jobs normally requiring 2 or 3 pieces of equipment can now be completed with just one due to the machines' high production rate.

Mulching Machine - Forestry Mulcher - Fecon - FTX148
Industry leading cab design, operator safety and comfort priorities, along with superior serviceability make this the tractor for the growing contractor. Fecon's® Power Management System® and the variable speed motors in the Bull Hog® provide an unbeatable mulching and land clearing combination. Big machine hydraulic flow and the versatility of the loader arm configuration offer performance usually seen in much larger machines. Advanced electronics and the Power Management System mean the best fuel efficiency and lowest cost of operation in its class. Side door entry, 3 point egress, and an accommodating operator seat and cab design make this the machine you look forward to running all day. Cleaning and daily maintenance checks are easy through over sized engine doors and removable panels on all sides of the FTX148-L. The FTX148-L offers two distinct undercarriage designs each with distinct advantages. A crosslink system which utilizes an independent suspension and steel reinforced rubber belts for wet or swampy conditions. This track option offers a light footprint and faster ground speed. The traditional steel track undercarriage offers the durability needed for the tougher applications where overall weight is not a factor. This track option is ideal when ultimate traction is needed for jobsite conditions. Attached to an Fecon FTX148 Mulching Machine, the Bull Hog forestry mulchers are perfect for clearing trees. Bull Hog attachments work for clearing right-of-way, lines of site, invasive species and fire fuels reduction in forests as well as other applications. You will find unmatched versatility, power, and strength from the FTX 148. Jobs normally requiring 2 or 3 pieces of equipment can now be completed with just one due to the machines' high production rate. Some other benefits that make a Bull Hog the choice for your ideal Forestry Mulcher are the four different tooling options: double carbides, chipper knives, stone tools, and single carbides. Fixed tool durability and aggressive counter cutter rake teeth are features that ensure you have the toughest Forestry Mulcher head made. Aggressive power, agility in all terrains, and all day comfort are the reasons the FTX148-L should be on your next clearing job. Experience the durability & and performance of a severe-duty multi-terrain FTX148. For More Information please call 1.800.528.3113. Or visit.... http://www.fecon.com/products/view/?productid=5 Fecon Forestry Excavator Mulching Machines

Lynn Hendrix Equipment Fecon FTX600
Lynn Hendrix Equipment and the all new Fecon FTX600 with a FGT9025

The Power to Mulch
Hendrix Timber Mulchers Bron 475 track machine with Fecon mulcher head. Contact info: (936) 563-4174 www.lynnhendrixequipment.com

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