2007 Fecon FTX 140 FM Forestry Mulcher FOR SALE

2007 Fecon FTX 140 FM Forestry Mulcher with Fecon Bull Hog BH085 Mulcher Head (note: winch sold separately)

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Forestry Mulcher - FTX148L Bull Hog - Fecon
Attached to a Fecon FTX148 Mulching Machine, the Bull Hog Forestry Mulcher is perfect for clearing trees and brush. Bull Hog attachments excel at clearing right-of-way, lines of site, invasive species and fire breaks as well as many other in Forest applications. You will find unmatched versatility, power, and durability from the FeconFTX 148 Mulching Machine. Jobs normally requiring 2 or 3 pieces of equipment can now be completed with just one due to the machines' high versatility and rate of production. For More Information please call 1.800.528.3113. Fecon Forestry Mulching Machines http://www.fecon.com/products/view/?productid=5

Fecon FTX 140
Font: http://www.fecon.com Fecon FTX 140 Available in: http://www.woodharvesting.com

Fecon FTX 148
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Soil Milling - Silviculture - Soil Hog - Fecon
Fecon's® Soil Hog milling attachments are well suited to milling compacted soil, stumps, and roots, or to blend in stabilizing materials or additives to improve the soil. The Soil Hogs can also be used to fell and incorporate standing trees into the ground if desired. The soil hog is ideal for loosening top soil, milling fields of poplar stumps and roots in order to convert land back into tillable acres for alternative crops, reclaiming tillable acres from lost land due to encroaching tree lines or windbreaks, creating ideal planting beds at Christmas tree farms while milling tree stumps, or to incorporate organics back into the soil during rehabilitation of forest land following wildfire. For more information, visit us at http://www.fecon.com.