PlastiDip on A 2013 Audi S4 with Twistedchild420- Wheels,Grill, and Trim

Hey there guys....i have been dipping a LOT of cars for customers as of recent. Most were done when camera was being repaired. But i got it back now and here we are dipping this Supercharged V6 BEAST! Came out nice...and there are some silly's in the video. lol If your in East Texas and need some dip work done HIT ME UP! Now you know the routine.....GFY's

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Plastidip Audi Front Grill (Dechrome) Short Tutorial
QUICK thorough demonstration on TIPS and tricks of improving plastidipping skills. How to mask properly and safety features. performed on my Audi b8. Enjoy! ---- DISCLAIMER ---- This video is for entertaining purposes only. I do not own the audio used in the video, This video is intended for entertainment and educational purposes only. Comments made by other individuals belong to themselves and i do not take any responsibility for its action.

Audi A7 Plasti Dipped in Martian Blue
We are tripping on this Audi A7 that we dipped in Martian Blue pearls. Hope you guys like the look!! We do full car dip, specialized dipping like logos and grills, Trims4Rims, All-Fit Lipkits, internal accent dipping, caliper painting, detailing, tinting, rust proofing, undercoating and much much more. Call us now on 77332266 or 33722701 to book. The music by: J-Voltage Support at: @j-voltage-official تغير لون السيارة بالكامل من اللون الذهبي إلى اللون الأزرق المارشين..مع الجنوط بالأسود وبعض اللمسات..

2014 Audi A6 plasti dip front grill
Audi A6 plasti dip time lapse video

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