Verena Mei - Redline Time Attack at Buttonwillow, CA

Verena Mei talks about racing at the Redline Time Attack series in Buttonwillow, California.

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Meet Verena Mei: One of America's Only Female Rally Race Car Drivers
Rally race car driving is a multi-million dollar industry and it is considered by many to be one of the most treacherous sports of its kind. Unlike Formula One racing, rallying doesn't take place on a track, and crashing and car flipping are common occurrences. Verena Mei is one of the only female rally race car drivers in America. A trained stunt driver, with former careers in modeling and acting, she has managed to penetrate the male dominated sport, gain respect, and become a serious threat to the competition. In this episode of Broadly Meets, Jaimie Sanchez sits down with Verena to talk about what it's like to be one of the only chicks in one of the most dangerous motor sports in the world. Subscribe here: Come find us: Broadly | Facebook | Twitter | Tumblr | Instagram | Pinterest | Newsletter |

Verena Mei Fiesta Movement
Join Verena in the Fiesta Movement, launching the long awaited 2014 Fiesta ST. Let Ford know that you want her to visit YOU with a Fiesta ST, by sharing, reposting, and tweeting like crazy and #pickVerena #fiestamovement @FordFiesta. Rally America Driver, Verena Mei, shows you how she moves** in her tokidoki / TrueCar Ford Fiesta #335. From hanging out with friends to racing for the Rally America 2WD Championship, Verena lives her ultimate dream of rally racing, in a Fiesta. In 2012 & 2013, Verena Mei & Leanne Junnila make-up the only all-female team competing in the Rally America National Championship. In 2012, they won the B-Spec National Championship in the TrueCar Fiesta #335, becoming the first all-female team to win a Rally America National Championship. Verena also was the first female "Rookie of the Year" contender in the history of Rally America. twitter/instagram: @VerenaMei **Verena Mei is professional driver trained to eat and drive on camera. Verena was driving the speed limit on the street. The footage shown driving on dirt was shot at the Team O'Neil Driving School (a private facility), and actual racing footage taken from her cameras during a Rally America race on closed roads. Trixie is a racecar. Do not try this at home. Please buckle up and drive safely.**

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Ken Gushi & Rhys Millen vs Kazama! Drifting in a Miata. Kazama shows some real skills =D

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