Rebuilt 305 Chevy Small Block

Completely rebuilt Chevy 305. 9.5:1 compression NEW- Flat top pistons NEW - Fel-Pro gasket set NEW- Crane cam and lifters NEW- Oil pump NEW- Water pump NEW- Fuel pump NEW- Rod, cam, and main bearings NEW- Piston rings NEW- Chrome valve covers NEW- PCV valve NEW- Chrome 14" air cleaner NEW- Dist. cap and rotor NEW- Plugs and wires NEW- 3 piece timing chain set NEW- Thermostat Rebuilt- Holley 650 spreadbore Reconditioned- Edelbrock intake Reconditioned- HEI distributor Machine shop work: -Hone cylinders -Polish crank -3 angle valve job - Install valve seals -Resurfaced heads -Magnafluxed heads -Balanced rods This engine was sold to a customer in Lincoln Nebraska. Check us out at:

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366 Chevy Big Block
This engine came to us with about 50,000 miles on it. It is a 1979 366ci big block with a forged 427 crank and 4 bolt mains. It's has a factory high rise intake with dual thermostats for increase cooling. Also, it has a large capacity 8 quart oil pan on it. A compression check showed that the rings and valves are sealing well. When I took the stock valve covers off to put the chrome ones on, the top of the heads and the valve train was VERY clean. This engine looks to have been very well maintained. That saying, there was really no reason to rebuild it. This big block looks and runs great. It has a fresh coat of Chevy orange and a new chrome kit on it. Here is a list of New parts that were installed. Chrome kit: Timing chain cover Timing tab Valve covers Breather cap Dip stick and tube 14" Edelbrock chrome air cleaner with 4" element Water pump Fuel pump Front crank seal Cap and rotor Spark plugs Plug wires PCV valve and many new gaskets This engine was sold to a gentleman in Apple Valley MN Check us out at:

Investigating Chevy 305 burning oil at idle
[[UPDATE: after wasting money on valve stem seals without fully investigating what the issue definitely was, i finally took off the right side valve cover which has NEVER been taken off..i found the the rear oil drain hole (theres 2, 1 in the front 1 in the back of the head) was plugged with fiber which is from the 10 year old air filter i had been basically the ENTIRE valve cover was filling with oil force feeding oil into the cylinders. Goes to show, routine maintenance is not a joke..i figured an air filter is an air filter, but i guess not lol.After 10 minutes of idling the Exhaust will start making blue smoke and it looks kinda like "Uncle Buck" lol. It VERY rarely smokes when i drive, only when i take off.

305 Chevy running on engine stand - test run - pt3
Finally got the comp extreme 4x4 cam put in. Also put in gear drive. The gear drive was a cheap pro comp unit, I checked it againest the stock set and 2 double rollers and the timing mark were off. They had the number 1 piston already headed down the tube and the cam still retarded about a degree. And that was with the 5 degree advanced key. It was almost zero, so I ran it. Did not like whatso ever. Seem to have real bad harmonics, just ran real bad. So I put the new double roller on and rolled with it. Plus I added a 650 double pumper, in place of the 600 vac secondary. And added two spacers. Plus I did a re-curve kit on the distributor. So all in all, Stock 305 2 brl maxed out at 5950 rpm went to a 650 Double Pumper Comp Cam Double hump heads, double roller timing chain and now maxes out at 6950 rpm. Dont know anything else to do with it but sell it. All comments welcome.

1984 gmc sierra 305 cammed rough idel
my truck i bought last year and rigged it up throughout last winter and this summer, paint moter duels tires rims front end dash, stuff like that.