Vintage: Citroen SM | drive it

When the Citroen SM was first presented in 1970, it looked like a car from a different planet. No carmaker had ever built a mass-production vehicle with such striking lines or aerodynamic contours. And the 170hp Maserati engine under its hood rocketed the SM to 225 km/h. Georg Johannes from Düsseldorf is a big fan of the model.His 1971 SM has 250,000 km on the odometer, and he still takes it touring.

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vintage: NSU RO 80 | drive it!
It was Europe's Car of the Year when it was introduced, and a flop with car buyers. But in many respects, the innovative NSU Ro-80 was years ahead of its time.When NSU, traditionally a maker of small cars, introduced the Ro-80 in 1967, the company hoped to establish itself in the market for up-scale mid-sized cars. The Ro-80 was powered by a 1-liter rotary engine that produced 115 hp. It had front-wheel drive, four-wheel independent suspension, disc-brakes on all four wheels, and a clean and distinctive aerodynamic shape. Unfortunately, the rotary engine initially had major reliability problems and the car was never a success. Even so, its timeless design and many innovations make it a true milestone in automotive history.

Latvia: Media on the leash | European Journal
Freedom of the press is not in a healthy state in Latvia. Ahead of the elections the oligarchs are trying to gain control of more and more newspapers and TV chanels.Latvia's largest newspaper has just been sold to a close business friend of candidate for prime minister Ainars Slesers. He can look forward to positive coverage during the campaign. TV journalist Ilze Nagla investigates links like that and tries to uncover corruption in the state. That is not making her a popular figure. Her computer has been searched and an important informer arrested.

vintage! the Lamborghini Countach | drive it!
The Jaufenpass in the Italian Alps is the ideal launching pad for the Lamborghini Countach. The sporty number is like a cross between a car and a spaceship. Its market premiere in 1973 triggered an earthquake in the sports car industry - the design took everything to the extreme.Just 1.07 meters high, it guarantees to turn heads. When the revs tip 8000, the Countach hits its limit of 375 horsepower. In 1974, a top speed of 288 kilometers an hour was enough to be called the fastest car on the road. And even today, opening the car's scissor doors is guaranteed to draw a crowd.

vintage: Mercedes C111 | drive it!
More than forty years ago, car lovers the world over watched as the Mercedes C 111 rounded the track. Presented in 1969 as a two-seater with a fiberglass body and Wankel engine under its hood, the C 111 created a real stir in the motor world. True to the Mercedes motto"only the best is good enough,"it was developed almost to the point of going into series production.The C111 was widely praised for its unusual design, but the 1973 oil crisis blocked it from getting onto the road. The Wankel engine was thirsty, not thrifty, so the car was sent out to the track instead. drive it! recalls a much-loved model that never made it into the showroom.