Vintage: Citroen SM | drive it

When the Citroen SM was first presented in 1970, it looked like a car from a different planet. No carmaker had ever built a mass-production vehicle with such striking lines or aerodynamic contours. And the 170hp Maserati engine under its hood rocketed the SM to 225 km/h. Georg Johannes from Düsseldorf is a big fan of the model.His 1971 SM has 250,000 km on the odometer, and he still takes it touring.

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Maserati engine 2,7 V 6 Citroen sm injection elektronique 1973

1971 Citroën SM Espace
The new Citroën SM made a big impression when it was unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show in March 1970. Its unquestionably elegant styling was the creation of the in-house designer, Robert Opron. With no convertible entered in the manufacturer's official catalogue, the coachbuilder Henri Heuliez presented a clever version at the Paris Motor Show in October 1971. Halfway between a coupé and a cabriolet, the car featured a roof which folded away in two sections. This allowed the retention of a central beam which ran lengthways giving the car rigidity and protection if it rolled, as well as the benefits of open-top driving. More information: no=10394694

Citroen SM Road Test
Alex Riley drives the Citroen SM