Viper twin turbo 1900 hp 7.99 1/4 mile

Viper twin turbo record 1/4 mile drag race at 7.99 seconds. By heffner's performance.

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White Snake - Twin Turbo Dodge Viper by Nth Moto - IMV Films
(Description Below) If you enjoy IMV Films, please consider a donation to support us by clicking on these links: GoFundMe: Paypal / Credit / Debit Cards: JB4FPQQ Paypal Me: SRT stands for Street and Racing Technology. You cannot have one without the other. Nth Moto raises the game exponentially with turn-key twin turbo systems that optimize any Dodge Viper from air to asphalt. Shine Auto Salon further indulges your automotive experience with exquisite sustenance from tire to taillight. Combining these stalwart entities with classically-trained INTMO Brown Magic Men yields a spicy recipe for one fundamentally BADASS White Snake. Set your goals now and aspire to achieve this Vehicular Package! Modifications and Forum Thread: lf-mile-results Nth Moto Website: Nth Moto Facebook: Shine Auto Salon: Shine Auto Salon Facebook: Be sure to like and share this video! Join IMV Films on Facebook:

Steve's Calvo Motorsports Twin Turbo Viper

Twin Turbo ACR takes on 4.0 Whipple/Nitrous Boss and 1,000whp+ Supra

World's First Twin Turbo TA Viper
Another first from RSI Racing Solutions. Special thanks to Josh from Burnyzz for allowing us to build this car for him. This is our RSI Twin turbo 1000 package featuring the RSI / John Reed Racing Motec M1 with full integration. Josh selected the traction control, Boost by gear and flex fuel options making 1042 RWHP at 9.5 PSI. Video by Pepper Yandell | RSI