"350Z STS Turbo Installation Checkup" by Nutnfancy

More unprecedented shop talk with Rick Squires from Squires turbo Systems as we check in with the 350Z build. It took a bit longer than expected but as you'll see the ECM flash was complicated by this version being unsupported by the "UpRev" brand tuning software. Once the card was updated, they could crack into it for tuning. Alarmingly, the Nismo Cold Air Intake I had put on allowed dirt into the manifold. It came throught the hydrolock flapper valves on the tubing...a horrible design (so much for quality stock Nissan parts I guess). Engine damage if any is undetermined at this point. We show and discuss the oil, fuel mods and show the underbody ducting and installation of the STS rear mount turbo. I make up a funny word along the way, "densify" and talk about the specific goals, durability, and rwhp of the build and how I like the 350Z's underdog nature. To run with a Z06 this car will have to push the 1/4 in 11.7 secs, trapping at 124 mph (Road and Track official Corvette Z06 test data w xlnt driver, sea level). That might be a tall order but I'm hopeful and this car's allow about that challenge. TacticalDoodle, Rick, and I share some laughs as the technical talk progresses. If you're considering forced induction, this another vid worth your time.

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350Z STS Turbo First Drive with CEO Rick Squires
The STS Adventure becomes a reality. In the TNP 350Z the car is absolutely transformed. In high Boost the Z now hits hard and has brutal acceleration. Quick from the showroom floor, the 350Z really only needed power to achieve greatness. This is the car Nissan should have built in the first place says STS CEO Rick Squires. I couldn't agree more. That's why I committed to the STS System and the whole 350Z project. Cheaper than a Z06 build but twice as cool I say. It remains an underdog of sorts still and I relish that [and it''s hot looking]. A Corvette is supposed to go fast; a Z maybe, maybe not. Complications ensued it the install and they are discussed frankly here. The car is now making 350whp in low Boost, about 390 in high Boost. The good news is no motor work is necessary right now. Methanol injection is turned off for now (discussed) but the 425 rwhp goal is still in play after some new meth. injectors. The stock motor should be safer at the current Boost levels. TacticalDoodle, Rick, and myself take a look at the handsome STS install in this update vid and then take "Killer" for a ride where Rick scares me. Some good laughs along the way too. Satage 1 nearing completion. Now THAT'S a car./////////////////////////www.ststurbo.com or Rick Squires at 801.224.3477/////////////////////"Hey he was in a construction zone!" My response: This whole damn interstate is a construction zone and it's been that way for years. They cone places that shouldn't be coned. So what should we do, drive 20 minutes south to get out of it? Get real. As on most parts, no workers are ever there. Rick's a good driver and I don't worry about it. Neither should.

Street Legal Race Car: Nutnfancy 350Z Walk Around [By Request]
This is a by request video. Showing the completion of Stage 2 just before an Open Track Day, I walk around the 350Z showing its final look and discuss its mods and kid around about the competition. This will add on to the October 2012 walk around showing the rear mount STS turbo System producing 417 rwhp in this stock engine. For more component information: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2OnsJgmVyic

"350Z POST-Turbo TRACK Performance" by Nutnfancy
Nothing beats drifting fun at the track. That was part of this POST-turbo TRACK run in the now modified TNP 350Z [see for mods reundown: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2OnsJgmVyic]. For this run I hadn't achieved my horsepower goals of 425 rwhp on this stock motor as methanol injection caused backfires on high post during Dyno tune. So "Killer" was pushing about 385-390 on high Boost here. But that along with the Nittos and Stance coilovers was enough to make him a different car. It drives like a supercar now. About 100 mph achieved on the short straight section, hard Gs pulled at times around corners. First launch and first run [only three possible with huge lineup] brings drama as I almost melt the clutch. But the Nissan is tough and the clutch comes back after throttle backoff and runs fine for the rest of the day. I just can't put the hammer full down on launch. Run two is serious and posts a good time, Run Three brings the drifting fun and a cone pays dearly for it. There was perfect cone triangle outline on the front bumper afterwards. We meet some great dudes at the track and the 350Z brings a small crowd after the race. We do a wrapup with them and discuss the day as the sun sets quickly.

"350Z To Take on Corvette Z06: Rick Squires STS Interview" by Nutnfancy
Can a $12,000 6 year old Nissan 350Z with a STS turbo mounted on it take on a C6 Corvette Z06? Maybe, maybe not. The wheel horsepower ratings will be similar. This fact comes to light in this interesting technical discussion with Rick Squires, CEO of Squires turbo Systems in Utah. He invented the Rear Mount turbo system that looks to solve many problems usually associated with an engine-cramming system. The heat is removed, the engine components can still be easily accessed and worked on, the install is cheaper and easier, it sounds better, and the car can be restored to stock easily. This video chronicles the transformation of our 350Z Grand Touring into a Forced Induction machine. If you are considering F/I watching our discussion with Rick will fly by as I ask him about my concerns as a buyer. We'll cover turbo sizes, rear mount vs engine mount turbos, air intake placement, durability, EGT vs Wideband, turbo vs supercharging, realistic horsepower goals for 350Z, system/gauge monitoring, tire selection, and lots of other cool and important stuff [like the history of the ZR1]. Along the way we'll show you his 1100HP Corvette ZR7 that apparently shreds bullet bikes in races...Rick Says he has yet to be beat. I find fascination there but I'm more concerned about this 350Z and its long term durability. I want 425 whp and a car that will last even will driven hard and driven a a lot. We discuss this in depth. The promises of increased performance and sound of the STS kit are promising but in the back of my mind I'm still worrying about a blown motor. The culmination of six years of thinking about it [and saving for it], TacticalDoodle and I finally turn over the keys to Rick as "Killer" gets his transformation to become a competitor with the very excellent Z06. Stay subbed for the results and adventure.