Installation - Rear Seat Upholstery

If you are restoring a muscle car, you're probably going to have to reupholster the rear seat at some point. Whether changing the color or just freshening up the interior, the rear seat is a pretty straight-forward process. This video will guide you through the process

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Blind-Stitches Foamed Channels-Upholstery Basics
STRAIGHT INSIDE-HIDDEN STITCH(BLIND STITCH) FOAMED CHANNELS/PLEATS As in former related tutorial' to do these designs, three layers of (vinyl/leather, foam and a backing cloth, are also fastened by sewing them together. The difference is that the 'sewing' is done on the reverse or wrong side of vinyl/leather/ or fabric materials. There are three well known methods to perform these designs : 1. Standard way to do the channels : To do this procedure, the material on top (vinyl/leather) should be folded and sewn to the foam and backing cloth every time we do a channel. 2. Square foamed channels : the foam is cut in long rectangular 'sliced pieces' : The material on top is folded and sewn directly to the backing cloth...the already cut rectangular foam pieces are put in, every time we do a channel. The channels have a nice square 3. Reinforced inside-hidden stitch : Sewing on top first, then re-sew them on the reverse where the 'backing cloth' goes. The sewing for these channels are stronger and obvious, more durable. I want to notice that these foamed designs are labour-intensive jobs, and more expensive than on-top stitches foamed designs. I hope you find the video useful! Cesar

A Plastic Piece Wrapped in Leather - Auto Upholstery
Because of the position of its fibers, the leather material has more elasticity in one direction (to the left and right sides) than the other direction upwards and downwards (from the head to the tail) that is stiffer. It is important to add that the stretching is not evenly if we scrutinize all over the surface of our leather hide (e.g back and butt areas are stiffer than belly areas). Leather does not behave as vinyl that it stretches evenly along its stretchy side. Taking advantage of this little knowledge, we can mold leather onto some pieces which need to be customized with this beautiful material. In the case I show in the video, I have decided to do it one piece; but to ease the job, we could cut and sew in some required depends on the upholsterer's/owner's decision. I hope You Find this Video Useful ! Cesar

How To Recover Seat Upholstery - Refinish & Repair a Ford Mustang at Eastwood
Using Eastwood's 1989 Ford Fox Body Mustang, of their Project Resolution Series, Matt demonstrates how to replace the haggard upholstery using a few simple tools. LINK TO BUY HOG RING PLIERS: e&utm_medium=annotation&utm_content=Hog%20Pliers&utm_campaign=2013-9-5 l LINK TO BUY 6 PC PLIERS KIT: outube&utm_medium=annotation&utm_content=6pc%20pliers&utm_campaign=2013-9-5 LINK TO BUY 6 PC SCREWDRIVER SET: utube&utm_medium=annotation&utm_content=6pc%20Screwdriver&utm_campaign=2013 -9-5 LINK TO BUY LONG ARM STAR KEY SET: e=youtube&utm_medium=annotation&utm_content=Star%20Key&utm_campaign=2013-9- 5 Using Eastwood's 1989 Ford Fox Body Mustang, of their Project Resolution Series, Matt demonstrates how to replace the haggard upholstery using a few simple tools. - Hog Ring Pliers Straight Nose - Item #52032 These Pliers are the basic tools needed to do upholstery work. Designed just for hog ring installation. Grooved jaws hold the ring securely. The straight pliers are spring-loaded to hold rings closed. The angled are spring-loaded to stay open. Forged steel with saftey grips. - 6-Piece Pliers Kit 70457 - Item #70457 This set of high quality Eastwood Pliers are forged from high carbon C1080 steel for ultimate durability and electronically coated to resist corrosion. These pliers were constructed right here in the USA with a specially designed fastener to eliminates nut and bolt failure, helping you do the job faster and easier. Our ergonomic grips allow you to work longer, and more comfortably. 9.5 Inch Tongue & Groove Pliers 12 Inch Tongue & Groove Pliers 8 Inch Long Nose Pliers 9 Inch Crimping Pliers 8 Inch Diagonal Pliers Lap Joint, 6 inch Slip Joint Pliers - 6-Piece Screwdriver Set - Item #70233 These professional quality screwdrivers have the same durability and hardness of S2 steel while also retaining the elastic and flexible quality of CRV to resist breakage. Ergonomically designed handles are soft and resist slipping Resists chemicals, oils and most solvents Comes with 3 Slotted and 3 Phillips screwdrivers Lifetime Warranty - 13 Piece Long Arm Star Key Set - Item #70240 This Eastwood Long Arm Star Key Set offers you a wider assortment of different sizes for the versatility to tackle any project. Finished with black oxide for protection from rust Comes in a durable case with labeled sizes Keep your key organized and easy to find. Eastwood has everything you need to do the job right - metal fab equipment, welders, plasma cutters, powder coating supplies, rust solutions, specialty paints, HVLP Guns, abrasive media and blasters, fender rollers and more! Since 1978.

How To Install Upholstery on a Rear Seat Bench
Jefferson Bryant from shows how to install a reproduction seat cover on a 1969 Buick Skylark. The seat cover is from Original Parts Group Inc (