1999 MK3 Jetta VR6 Turbo @ 11psi - 2nd to 5th Gear - 160mph

This is a video of my Jetta doing 160mph. It is a video of just the tach/speedo. First time that I ever topped out my Jetta. Specs are as follows. VR6 2.8l 12v Autotech 263 Cams T04S 60-1 .81 Exhaust 3" Open Exhaust No-Intercooler, No Meth

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Clutch Replacement 1994 VW Jetta GLX VR6 MK3
This is a very detailed video of my procedure for replacing the clutch, pressure plate, and flywheel in my 1994 VW Jetta GLX MK3 with the VR6 AAA engine and 02A 5 speed manual transmission. At 149,000 miles, it developed a shutter or chatter at the point right before full engagement of the clutch, especially in the lower gears. The procedure involves removing engine bay components to access the transmission, safely lifting the engine off the engine and transmission mounts, removing the axles, and finally the transmission itself to expose the clutch components. Illustrations from the Bentley service manual are referenced for clarity and thorough attention to the anatomy of all relevant components on the transmission are covered. The original problem was diagnosed to be chatter marks on the pressure plate even thought the clutch showed very little wear.

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vw mk3 jetta bbs rs bagged from montreal 640x480
mk3 jetta bagged on bbs rs rims from montreal