Skoda Rapid 1.4TSI 122PS 0-210Km/h - DYNO RUN - DIESELPOWER dyno tuning: Make sure to LIKE / COMMENT / SUBSCRIBE!

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Skoda Rapid Spaceback 1,4 TSI - acceleration 0-190 km/h
Full first review of new Rapid Spaceback at: lista/ No space for reaching more this time, but the top speed was close. As expected, the heavier Rapid 1,4 TSI with automatic transmission is almost the same fast as 1,2 TSI 105 with manual shifting. This video was filmed with co-driver, so the 1,4 TSI would be a bit faster wihtout him, but the difference will not be significant anyway.

New Skoda Superb 2015 2,0 TSI 4x4 - acceleration 0-260 km/h and more dynamic tests
More at: -4x4-takhle-jede-nejsilnejsi-skodovka/

Skoda Rapid 1,2 TSI 105 - acceleration 0-198 km/h, top speed test and more
Now with power certified on the Dyno, we tested all the relevant dynamic disciplines with Skoda Rapid TSI 105. This car is a bit slower that the pre-production piece we tested last year rest, but only a bit. It is still very fast if you consider its price and it reaches a remarkable top speed in the downhill attempt. Don't be surprised too much as it combines more than 110 PS of average output in key rev range with only 1 100 kgs (DIN) of kerb weight. Part of our long-term review, more at: te-mit-za-320-tisic-kc/

Skoda Rapid
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