Skoda Rapid 1.4TSI 122PS 0-210Km/h - DYNO RUN - DIESELPOWER dyno tuning: Make sure to LIKE / COMMENT / SUBSCRIBE!

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Skoda Rapid Spaceback 1,4 TSI - acceleration 0-190 km/h
Full first review of new Rapid Spaceback at: lista/ No space for reaching more this time, but the top speed was close. As expected, the heavier Rapid 1,4 TSI with automatic transmission is almost the same fast as 1,2 TSI 105 with manual shifting. This video was filmed with co-driver, so the 1,4 TSI would be a bit faster wihtout him, but the difference will not be significant anyway.

New Skoda Octavia 3 2013 1,8 TSI - acceleration 0-231 km/h
Brand new EA 888 engine pushed until the claimed top speed is reached. Speedometer is almost precise, GPS speed differs from -2 to -5 km/h. Full review at ed-jeden-vzad/

Škoda Rapid 1,2 TSI 2012 - acceleration 0-210 km/h
We doubt about claimed 105 hp of this car. What about you? Vote at: -na-tuto-dynamiku-staci-105-koni/ Také pochybujete, že toto auto má jen 105 koní? Hlasujte na: -na-tuto-dynamiku-staci-105-koni/

максимальная скорость Skoda Rapid 1.4 tsi - Skoda Rapid top speed
1.4 tsi, dsg7, зимняя шипованная резина, 95-й бензин, сток. С учетом погрешности спидометра реальная максимальная скорость в таких условиях 200 км/ч. Skoda Rapid acceleration, winter tyres. From 100 km/h to Vmax. This is not maximum acceleration.