Bug Jam Infomercial

Bug Jam Infomercial

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Bug jam 25 Jim smith beetle crash at santa pod
jim smith's beetle crash at bug jam 25,

VW Trike Wheelie Trikelops Custom Trikes
Shell Shocked."Shocker Frontend" Test ride no fenders or tank. Trikelops.com. Trike for sale.

Worlds fastest "streetlegal" beetle (9.03 @ 1/4 mile, 256km/t)
Tor Øyvind Skinnes turbobeetle doing 9.03 @ 1/4 mile at SCC at Gardermoen raceway. This makes it the Worlds fastest street legal beetle. (With standard bottom plate) The Run was improved to 9.01 the next day. (Best time now 8,60)

Round 2 2015 Competition Clutch FWD Drag Series - Big Bang
Round 2 of the 2015 Competition Clutch Front Wheel Drive Drag Series from Big Bang at Santa Pod Raceway. Find out more at http://www.fwddragseries.co.uk