Bug Jam Infomercial

Bug Jam Infomercial

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Street Eliminator 2016 - Festival of Power
The first of a series of WebTV Shows following drag racers in Topspeed Automotive Street Eliminator as they compete in the Santa Pod Raceway rounds of the 2016 Championship. http://www.santapod.com http://www.streeteliminator.com A Street Eliminator Season DVD will be available from http://www.quartermilehigh.com.

Round 1 2016 FWD Drag Series - The Fast Show
Round 1 of the 2016 Front Wheel Drive Drag Series from The Fast Show at Santa Pod Raceway. Find out more at http://www.FWDdragseries.co.uk

Big Bang 2016 Highlights at Santa Pod Raceway
Big Bang Camper & Bus Show 2016 was one hell of a weekend! Full to the brim with VW Campers, Beetles, Ghias and more of all shapes, sizes and persuasions! For more details on 'Big Bang' VW car and camper show visit http://www.Big-Bang.co.uk

Shakedown at E Town 2010 Crash "Benny Alfonso" Modzilla Firebird Pro-Mod
Want to see more? Full 2+ hour length video "Shakedown at E Town #3" available at PowerhouseVideo.com From www.ShakedownAtETown.com: ALFONSO RECOVERING -- The Raceway Park crowd received positive news about injured Blown Pro Modified driver Benny Alfonso. The Bohemia, N.Y., veteran reportedly had feeling in his legs following back surgery to repair a damaged disc Sunday at Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital at New Brunswick. Hospital personnel refused to release any information about Alfonso or his condition, but the family provided the update to the track public-address announcers Brian Olson and Al Tucci. LINK TO POST ACCIDENT INTERVIEW: http://youtu.be/DnwTWo_-lE4 For more info on the Powerhouse Video Workshop line of motorsports programs go to: http://www.powerhousevideo.citymax.com/Home.html