bmw m3 launch smg tutorial , how to launch smg by

bmw m3 e46 smg launch control instructional video, watch more M3 videos including the e90 M3 at in our BMW M3 buyers guide

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M3 e46 smgII launch control 0-275 acceleration
Aceleracion m3 e46 smgII con launch control en circuito cerrado desde parado hasta el tope que da limitado m3 e46 vs m3 e92 m3 e46 vs 335i e93

SMG Tour
Here is my tour of what SMG can do. this was a video designed to educate some members of a forum on how SMG is not an automatic gearbox, but a manual, with some electronic assistance and the ability to use an "auto" mode.

SMG Tour: Version 2
In this video we show a basic and easy to understand how to when driving a BMW E46 M3 with an SMG transmission. This video was shot off the cuff, in one day using a single Go Pro and an iPhone. Hopefully this video clears up some of the popular misconceptions about this type of transmission, and answers the questions a lot of you had. "Blipotron" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0

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