Subaru SVX Flowmaster Exhaust HD Hero 3 Suction Mount

my 1992 Subaru SVX LS-L with a Flowmaster 80 series. Just a quick clip with the HD Hero 3 Silver edition using the suction mount.

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Subaru SVX Lucy being defiant :: Bee R Rev Limiter ::: Launch Control ::: Big Bangs!
BSing at High Point... Bee R Rev Limiter. set to 4k. cut set to 11oclock. Stebro Exhaust ..... up to date pics found here...

Subaru SVX Lucy Burping ::::: Launch Control / 2 Step
Bee R Rev Limiter. shooting some flames.. STOCK headers. STOCK pre cats. Y pipe (no main cat).. STEBRO resonator.. STEBRO Muffler.... Cone Intake Filter... up to date pics found here..........

Subaru SVX Exhaust Comparison:: WOT ::: Stebro VS. Flowmaster 80 Series ::: SVX Lucy VS. SVX Akina
1st Clip:: SVX Lucy with stock headers, stock pre cats, Magnaflow Hi Flo Main Cat (At the time of video), Stebro Resonator, Stebro Muffler :::: 07 WRX 5Spd 2nd Clip:: SVX Akina with stock headers, stock pre cats, Y - Pipe (no main cat), No resonator, Flowmaster 80 series muffler :: auto 2 Different cars, same street, 2 different cameras, Which Exhaust do u like more?

Subaru SVX stock exhaust sound
Sound of 20 year old stock Exhaust :)