Opel Kadett c - sedan 2.0E injectie (Drift)

sedan uit 78 met een 2.0E uit een ascona sport.

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Opel Ascona B CIH mini-drift OPEL-CLUB.GR
Just some silly playing around with my red Ascona B. Yup, I know, have to practice more... ;) The engine is brand new, newly done from zero. after I've almost completed 1500 km, I have now started to push it a bit more... ;)

Opel Kadett C Berg Cup // Sonderbauer´s 10.400Rpm Monster
The #HillclimbMonster Kadett C that ws driven by the late Roman Sonderbauer. Opel CIH engine tuned up to 280Hp/10.400Rpm and less then 900Kg. This is the memories we want to preserve of the of the legendary driver. May he Rest in Peace

opel kadett drift crash

Opel C kadett 1.2S sedan