Mitsubishi Lancer EVO RS Turbo & Supercharger 800 HP, Martini BMW, full Onboard at Swiss Hillclimb

Don't miss the great DVDs: Shortly season special about Toni Büeler and his very fast Mitsubishi Lancer Evo with 800 hp. Including full onboard special from Hillclimb Gurnigel. Also on Vid some footage about the Martini BMW wit very nice sound!

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Summary of the DVD Bergmonsters or monsters of hillclimb or beast of hillclimb. Just cars with more than 500 hp which are hard to control on hillclimb! More informations about the great DVD:

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BANNED Race Cars | Too overpowered, dangerous and "too costly" | TOP 5 PART 2
BANNED Race Cars. This video is showing you the Top 5 banned race cars based on their racing potential.[Part 2] This Video contains: Can-Am racing cars, Rally Cars, Group A Touring Cars, ALMS Racing Cars, and NASCAR Cars. Some of this Racing cars were not banned it self, but some systems and innovations that they have been using. Some of the decisions to ban this racing cars were made to reduce the costs for the other teams, some just for safety reasons. And last but not least, because they were simply too OVERPOWERED. This Top 5 Banned race cars video is based on my opinion. Credits and Sources: Gibson GIO R32 GTR Race Car, Group A NISSAN R32 GTR at Lakeside R4....rear Lancia Rally 037 Group B startup sound at 11 Rally Legend Henri Toivonen Corsica Crash Site 2001 BMW (E46) M3 GTR V8 at Monterey Pre-Reunion BMW P60B40 ALMS race engine restored old nascar daytona superbird K&K Charger Daytona Firing Up Porsche 917/30 Engine sound, Loud revving The mighty 917/30 BANNED Race Cars Fuelhead HD

Best of HillClimb Monsters/700+Hp/Footage by HillClimb Monsters
All vids in this compilation are owned by - - Videos Used- Monster Opel Kadett // Pure Sound 11.000Rpm 850Hp Honda NSX turbo by LoveFab // Pikes Peak 2012 Monster 700Hp Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX Monster // Crazy Anti-Lag System Sound 1005Hp Audi Quattro SWB // Retro Rides´ HillClimb Monster Lancia Delta LaSupra // 1000Hp 2JZ Monster at Retro Rides Seat Cordoba WRC // Maximum Attack Hillclimb 1000Hp Toyota Tacoma // Pikes Peak Monster on Goodwood Best Of HillClimb Monsters - Nissan GT-R Ultimate Compilation HillClimb Monsters Disclamer: This video is made out of existing videos on youtube. I'm not the owner of the content and it belongs to their owners. If you're a owner of one of the videos and dont want me to use it just contact me and we'll solve it. --------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---------------- Twitter- Instagram- Website- /CarCulture/