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BMW 328i E46 - K&N Air Induction Kit
This video shows the removal of the EOM Air intake system and the installation of a K&N Filter with a Chrome Intake tube. This was a very straight-forward installation and recommended for interested individuals of all skill levels.

Dinan Cold Air Intake BMW 323i Before And After
this is a carbon fibre dinan cold air intake that we installed, i record the car revving and accelerating before the new intake, then we install the intake then take a new video of it revving, and accelerating. the sound is just awesome that this beast makes....

BMW E90 Fujita Air Intake install
I NEED HELP!!! I installed a Fujita Air Intake System in my e90 325i. I took it out for a drive and every time I got on it hard it would feel like the car was lurching or hesitating. The only thing I can think of to why it's doing that is, it's getting to much air and it's messing up the air/fuel ratio. But I thought these systems were drop in and required no remap or tune. I put the stock air box back in and the car runs fine again.

ESS Tuning BMW M3 vs. E46 BMW M3 || Hyundai Genesis vs. BMW X5M Roll Racing
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