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How to make a RICEY Cold Air Intake for Cheap!!
DIY: How to make a cold air intake and add power!!!!

COLD AIR INTAKE. Budget CAI DIY and Review E46 BMW
Cold air intake DIY on a budget. DO THEY WORK? Let's find out! Please put any questions in the comments! LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE DIY'S AND REVIEWS.

Installing a Custom Air Intake on a Toyota Corolla
I pieced together an air intake for a 1995 Toyota corolla using bits and pieces I had lying around. A replacement stock air filter would have cost about $25 which is way more than I wanted to pay for a filter so I built this instead! The car is a 1.6L Toyota Corolla (E100) with a 3 speed automatic transmission. The filter is a generic one from ebay and the intake tube was for a chevrolet 3.1 engine (also bought from ebay). I know this is not a "cold air intake" but seeing how dirty the old filter was I think this will make a big difference in power and fuel economy. This is over sized for this motor so there should be very little resistance. I took the car for a test drive and it has a lot more top end power then before. Thanks for watching!

DIY $20 Cold Air Intake
Simple DIY cold air intake on my CRV today. Everything we used was stuff we already had, but you could easily make this for under 20$