[ Ford - LR ] Off-Road - Ford Expedition

It's true that this is larger than Explorer. Of course, this make its speed slower a little bit...

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[ Ford - LR ] Off-Road - Gorge
Vehicle: Land Rover Defender SVX (concept) Track: Desert#4 (backward) Mode: Checkpoint It's nice to get back at the canyon with lost town. But still SVX control the game well?

Ford Expedition 2013 climbs a sand hill
1st run is in 4A (auto) mode and 2nd run is in 4H (lock) mode. The first run was smoother and faster due to the inteligent multi-disk loackable center gearbox capable of sending upto 100% of torque to the front wheels.

Ford Expedition Transmission Fluid and Filter Change
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Off Road in Nanaimo in a Ford Expedition
Some mild trails in Namaimo, truck is a stock '97 Ford Expedition on normal road tires.