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[ Ford - LR ] Off-Road - Ford Expedition

It's true that this is larger than Explorer. Of course, this make its speed slower a little bit...


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03 discovery stock in the box and Ford Expedition off roading.
Part III........... Up date info on 10/27/2009 Now the Discovery got 305/70/16 with a 12lbs winch, also ARB lockers front and rear and up grade the non locking transfer case to a locking type..... Watch my new Videos

Ford Expedition 2013 climbs a sand hill
1st run is in 4A (auto) mode and 2nd run is in 4H (lock) mode. The first run was smoother and faster due to the inteligent multi-disk loackable center gearbox capable of sending upto 100% of torque to the front wheels.

Expedition Running
Expedition running through the RPMS, measure of interior noise with the Flowmaster 50 SUV Series Delta Flow. Made at the request of the Ford Truck Enthusiasts Forum. http://www.ford-trucks.com/forums/742293-what-Exhaust-2.html

Ford in deep water 4x4
Ford expedition off-roading at lake mead n deep water crossing almost Stuck" LAKE MEAD

[ Ford - LR ] Off-Road - Gorge
Vehicle: Land Rover Defender SVX (concept) Track: Desert#4 (backward) Mode: Checkpoint It's nice to get back at the canyon with lost town. But still SVX control the game well?

mud hole Expedition
this guy was funny as hell

This was filmed in 2004 in the desert just outside of Las Vegas, NV Adrian won a lot of money playing craps and brought 2 brand new SUVs for us to have fun with This video is featured in our "Mischief V Dynasty" DVD available at www.Mischief.tv. Produced by Dustin Worles Email: dustin@mischief.tv Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/dustinworles Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/dustinworles Mischief Movie Series Website: http://www.mischief.tv Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MischiefTV Store: http://www.mischief.bigcartel.com Gallery: http://s1200.photobucket.com/albums/bb329/MischiefTV/

Off Roading Ford Expedition
The Emerald dragon is pushed to its breaking point at exit 38

[ Ford - LR ] Off-Road - Like Oasis
Vehicle: Ford Expedition Track: Desert#3 Mode: Race This time is for some real match for Expedition.

Ford Expedition off road Livingston, KY
First puddle of the day

Ford Expedition 2008 offroad (Desert)
This Video Was Recorded by me in Dubai Desert , in the video you see my new Ford Expedition 2008 Limited , Full option, and a 300hp 5.4 engine, i was putting it on 4 x 4 Automatic , Enjoy watching. I WILL BE GLAD IF U WATCHED MY NEW VIDEO.

crashed 2006 Expedition 1
We went to the wrecking yard to see the Expedition and to remove a couple things from it. While we were there, we also saw the Jeep that hit us. There's only a couple seconds of video with the Jeep in it. I tried to get all angles of the Expedition to give a really good idea what it looks like. The story: On August 2, 2009 at approximately 12:15pm, my family and I (My husband and I, our 3 kids age 7, 4 and 2, and my brother) were heading home from a weekend camping trip. We were coming up on a line of vehicles heading the opposite direction when a Jeep Wrangler crossed the center line and came into our lane. They hit us head on. We were driving a Ford Expedition, and were towing a boat. Upon impact, the boat came off the trailer and hit the back of the Expedition, then flew off the trailer and ended up on the opposite side of the road. We spun around and stopped on our side of the road, but facing the wrong direction. The boat trailer ended up under the passenger side of the Expedition. The Jeep rolled down an embankment into a marshy area by a river. Fortunately, everybody in my family survived and had relatively minor injuries. My brother broke his arm and hurt his collarbone. My husband broke his femur and required surgery to place a metal rod in his leg and had a gash in his other leg that needed to be stitched up. I had fluid in my abdomen, a deep laceration to my hip that required about 15 stitches, severe belt burn on my left hip, massive bruising around my entire waist, and severe belt burn on my chest. My three children walked away from the accident. My 7 year old had fairly minor (compared to mine) belt burn on her left shoulder. My 4 year old had belt burn on both of her shoulders from her car seat harness. My 2 year old was still rearfacing, so the only "injury" she sustained was a very light bruise on each of her thighs from her car seat straps. We were all wearing seat belts and the children were properly restrained in appropriate car seats. The occupants of the Jeep were not so lucky :( There were 6 people in the Jeep. 3 of them didn't make it. They were all brothers. Only 2 of them were wearing seat belts. My condolences go out to the other family. I feel terrible for the loss of life. This is a very unfortunate reminder for why seat belts are so very, very important. Please, everybody. Wear your seat belts!

Ford Expedition bashing desert dunes
Hi again, This is my new video going off road with my Ford Expedition 2008 limited, the video was shot in series of clips and been fused together so I don't make you get bored, and the place was in the middle of the desert, between dunes, don't forget that driving needs practice in places near roads as seen my other videos, so going into deep desert 4km far from street, isnt that easy, we were going to get stuck one time as seen on video, but my father stopped fast and moved tires left and right, to open space and to gain traction, and then used reverse slowly so wheels don't spin so we got out easy, just needs some experience and you should analyze the sand depth, and don't try to go up a hill if u know the car can't go up, because if u fail and you want to turn back it may cause serious roll- over, so if u fail reverse back slowly. Camera used is Fujifilm f9600. Car off roading setup: tires pressure deflated until 17 psi. And use 4A or 4H. Music: Gloria Canor - I will survive Thx for watching, If you liked my video's rate, comment and subscribe... If you have any questions or advices use comments here or personal massages. Good luck.

[ Ford - LR ] Off-Road - Ford Explorer
A car model and name with one shocking fact to mine (The same name 1973 concept vehicle). A quicker but heavier steering control.

expedition off roading
some friends and i took my expedition for a little off roading action

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