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The truth about the 2016 Ford Bronco Concept release date
2016 Ford Bronco concept is one of the most popular search terms on the internet. Many websites wrote about this model and claim that it will appear this year or next year, but Ford has never confirmed this. Update, November 2015: Ford and UAW agreement suggests return of 2020 Ford Bronco and new Ford Ranger: Here is my opinion about this non-existing SUV: Also, earlier this month, news came out that Ford is working on the 2016 Ford SVT Bronco that will appear next year. In the end it turned out to be anything but an April Fool joke. What do you guys think? Would you think it will ever be released? Music Copyright: The song used here is called Sky Dream, composed and performed by Hi-Finesse. It is featured in the Avengers 2: Age Of Ultron teaser trailer. Tags: 2020 Ford Bronco Ford Bronco 2020 2020 Ford Bronco Release Date 2016 Ford Bronco New Ford Bronco Ford Bronco Concept 2016 Ford SVT Bronco Ford Bronco 2016

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Ford Atlas Concept
From the 2013 Detroit Auto Show,'s Mark Williams takes a look at the Ford Atlas concept.