GLH omni VS Mustang GT Check out the stuned look on his face

My omni back in 1990 16 lbs Boost stock turbo,head,block. 2 1/2 Exhaust,mopar performance computer, extra injector. Dyno 235 hp 289 ft torque

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Ugly Old Omni vs a Cobra Mustang
The Ugly Old Omni at Irwindale Speedway smoking a Cobra Mustang. 9/8/2011

12-13-09 88 Dodge Omni vs 2010 Camaro SS. FOR REAL?!
My buddy 88 Dodge Omni vs 2010 Camaro SS. Dallas Raceway December 13, 2009.

Satan's Omni
Bone stock 1985 Dodge Omni

Omni GLH vs Turbo VW Jetta
Another fun run against a modifed VW Jetta. He was pretty surprised at what the car actually was. His VW was no slouch either! He said somewhere near 280whp. The Omni was around 24psi which is around ~350whp